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Piano Black Trim

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Morning all,

Just after some advice on the best way to remove scratches/swirls from the piano black interior trim and the best way to clean/protect going forward?

Thanks in advance,



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Hello Matt,

You will need to try a mild ‘cutting’ polish, and although I haven’t used the polish you mention, it sounds worth a try. It really is a suck it and see exercise, trying the mildest cutting polish first, and only resorting to a more abrasive one if the first one doesn’t work. 
It might be worth searching out a local recommended car valeting chap - these folks will no doubt have experience to offer/ will be able to sort it for you. 
Perhaps you could let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,


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Excellent, thanks for that Gareth.  Ill do some digging (and testing) and keep this post updated for anyone else looking for a similar solution.


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Yeah it's probably going to be a trial and error type of thing. Depends how deep the scratches and things like that are but i'm heavily into my detailing and have seen a lot of detailers use a small machine rather than hand polishing

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