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Adblue Issues

Aidan Mc

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Hi All,

New to the forum and looking for some help. My A6 has been presenting intermittent Adblue and Engine Management faults since November. First with 2400km left to no start and gradually decreasing over the last few months. The fault would appear then disappear  for a few weeks with a decreasing km left number each time. Topping up Adblue made no difference. I first brought the car to the dealership on the 12th Dec and they told me not to worry but that the only way they would check the car was if it was brought into the garage through Audi Assist. What the garage wanted me to do was drive the car until there was no restart, call Audi Assist and they would tow it in and check it. I queried this as the Owners manual states that once the Engine Management light comes on get it to a garage to be looked at ASAP. Their service team told me they were under staffed and that driving the car would do no damage as it was the vehicle emissions that the Adblue affected. 

Since the New Year I have been back to the dealership 3 times and each time told the same thing all with the km counter edging closer to 0km. Last week I put 10liters of Adblue and on Tuesday the counter said 30km left as I pulled into work. Out came the phone and I called Audi Assist. They took my details and said they would send out a tow truck and replacement car. Fast forward a few hours and I get a call from the AA to say they are outside to look at the car. I met the guy and he told me that he wasn't there to tow me and that as I still had 30km to restart that I should drive the car to the dealership 20km away. Not happy... but off I went to the dealership, explained yet again my predicament and that I had to drive the car in as the AA were not authorized to tow. Apologies ensued and they took the car in.

Today I have been informed that the car needs a new Adblue pump fitted at a cost of nearly €3000 parts and labour.

My question is this: Can my vehicle diagnostics tell me what the original fault was back in December when I first went to the dealership and can the diagnostics also tell when the pump failed. I feel that the first issue may have been an injector issue which in turn caused the pump issue. 

Bottom line is the garage has told me to keep driving on several occasions and I believe this caused the pump to fail. Can my diagnostics report back this up?

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Hi Aidan, the questions you ask will depend on certain factors these being :

1:Have you owned this vehicle from new 

2: Was it Serviced by the main dealer

3: How did you aquire vehicle , PCP  Finance etc ( do you now hold Title ? )

The service records for the vehicle are held on Audi Independent Service History . If you are the owner you can go online and download this history.

You mention fault with injector ,was this highlighted in diagnostics ?

Audi do have a Vicarious Liability if they gave you instruction that was contrary to good practice.

The fault you mention is a common one 

you could seek redress through Audi UK if that was how it was purchased as I see you are in Cork which has  different consumer protection laws to the  UK . And as I am not conversant with the" Supply of Goods and Services act" in your domain, I could not comment on that element . Jasonj




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Hi Aiden , 

If you become what is know as a ( key holder ) you can access the information you  requested using the Audi Database . 

The warranty, was this extended ?

Mileage/ Date of delivery. Are you within the statues of The Motorist Ombudsman scheme . ? Check ?

Ok . I would write a letter " a paper one" to the dealership director "find out his name" , send it  as signed for ," it just adds a bit of weight " . Highlighting those points raised . The fact this vehicle was serviced by them, means any concerns/ advisory , should have been communicated to you (duty of care)  Jasonj


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