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Wheel refurb - RS4 V spoke

Wheel Refurb - 20 " RS4 Vspoke   

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  1. 1. Should i go Gloss graphite Grey or aGenuine Audi Silver

    • Gloss Graphite Grey
    • Genuine Audi Siler

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So I'm about to refurb my wheels but unsure on the colour

Please can you please vote


Note - Pics are not of the actual wheels lol !

graphite grey.jpg

Audi Silver.jpg

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In the future, however, I would still consider matte black or gloss black, but in the end I decided on a copper colour for another model, even though I was still thinking about the granite colour that many people had urged me to go for. 

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Posted (edited)

Can we have a picture of the full car please? 
I love satin bronze on a black car. It’s what would i would choose  (if I didn’t care)  but wouldn’t want the attention it might bring to my car ☺️

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I was thinking satin bronze but that would then be 3 very different colours (black/ silver mirrors, front lip/ wheels ) so went against it  




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I didn’t want to go black and be a Eastern European gangster (if that’s a thing)


was aiming for settle but still aggressive 

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