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Gearbox Malfunction


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Audi A6 2.0l tdi 2015 Auto

So I was driving on motorway when suddenly a yellow triangle appeared on my dash ‘gearbox malfunction limited functionality’. 

Switched the car off and back on the the warning had disappeared. As I was driving back and 50 miles into my journey it appeared again but shortly after the car slipped out of gear with a  red warning ‘gearbox malfunction put car in P and stop’ (something like that). 

I stopped the car and the car was not going into gear at all. After switching off and back on it seemed ok with no warnings but maybe around 5 miles after it happened again so had to pull over. It happened a few times until I then got the car recovered home. 

anyone else had this issue? 

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Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. The car is at 52k and I purchased it around 4 months ago. The gearbox hasn’t been serviced since new so have asked the garage to service it while it’s their. 

The codes were below and I’ve been told it’s the ECU TCM that is faulty so it’s currently being fixed. The last 4 codes are due to the faulty ECU so should clear once the new part is fitted. Apparently they have to program the ECU too…

 2.U102600 Transmission Control Module - Check DTC Memory

1.P0C2C00 Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump Control Module - Feedback Signal Range/Performance

2.P0C2A00 Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump - Motor Stalled

3.P0C2800 Electric/Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump "A" - Motor Current High

4.P0C2900 Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump Driver - Circuit

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