Running in a new engine

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Hello all, my first post after watching for a while.

I'm due to collect a brand new A3 Sline 1.5 TFSI cab S-tronic in a few weeks, and wondered about running in the engine.

Any advice? Some web sites say take it gently for the first 500 miles, others say drive it hard for the first 50 miles to bed in the cylinders while the honing in the cylinder is still able to have an effect.......

Just wondered what's the opinions of other experienced Audi owners.

Thanks in anticipation....

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Have a chat with Audi when you pick up the car they should know whats what but i would say as a new engine dont go pushing the car hard 

Found this info on the AA site makes sense to me 

The first 1,000 miles

  • Start with gentle driving around town so everything, including brakes, can bed in.
  • Avoid harsh acceleration and heavy braking if you can.
  • For diesels, keep engine revs below 3,000 rpm, but make sure they regularly reach this limit.
  • For petrol, try to stay below 3,000 rpm for the first 500-600 miles and then increase the limit to around 4,000 rpm. Again, revs should regularly reach this limit.
  • Avoid labouring the engine by changing up too early or using too high a gear.
  • Check oil and coolant levels at least weekly – this is a new car so you don't know how much oil it’ll use. Oil consumption can be high for the first 6,000 miles or so but should slow, particularly if you treat the car gently to start with.
  • Brand new tyres have a thin oily coating (mould release agent from when the tyre was made) – this can affect handling but it wears off within 3-5 miles.

After the first 1,000 miles gradually use more of the car's performance.

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Pleanty of videos on YouTube like this that explains how to run in your car.


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Thanks Adbro, all very interesting and logical.

I now am wondering how to do the running in with the STronic automatic gearbox.....

Leave it in Economy?,

Dynamic, or

Sport, or

Handle the gear changes manually using the paddles only for the first few hundred miles......

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Hi Graham,

 I think you should drive conservatively to bed in all running gear for first few hundred miles at least. I would allow the auto to take charge of any changes. This would be so you know it's working correctly. I had the DSG box in one of my other A3s, it was a dream and I never really used manual as auto is so relaxing to drive. 

 Sorry for the very late reply and hope this helps - Adam

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Thanks Adam,

Yes, "the horse has left the barn", but the advice is well received anyway.

I've now had the car for a week and have been driving "sensibly" mostly in Efficiency mode with occasional excursions in to manual paddle shift mode. Still working out the adaptive cruise control quirks!

500 miles done so far and yesterday I went into Sport mode for a moment and was pleasantly surprised by the sprightly feel to the drive, even though I didn't work the engine hard at all :)

Many thanks


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Quite an interesting topic this. In my opinion you have done the correct thing taking it easy for the first 500 miles. Though a bit late now on the wagon it's god to keep revs very low on a new engine too until the heat is up in the oil. In fact I never Rev high in any of my vehicles until the engine temp is at 90 or norm.

What I find interesting is a brand new car does not have to go in o have the oil changed by the first 500 miles or even 1000 miles. Good practice when 'rebuilding' engines is to always change the first used oil by 500 miles max but I do it at 100 miles. (Lol, only ever rebuilt 3 engines however so hardly an expert).

Final thing to say is this. The difference between buying a new car yourself and receiving a company car. I bet 99% of people receiving a company car don't take that much care of a new engine. That makes me think sometimes about how good a buy a high mileage ex company car is!!

Anyway, rant over. Enjoy the new wheels!!

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