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New Q2 Ssport on its way. Audi tracker says its on a boat heading to UK.
I am thinking of upgrading my phone to one that has max. comapatibility with new car as my current phone is not on the list at http://microsites.audi.com/ngw_assets/mobile_db/index.html?ds=json_en
That site lists 4 feature 'Hands Free', Car Phone' 'Audi Music' and 'Messages'.
My wifes phone - Motorola G4 has 3 of these, but not 'Car Phone' - what will she miss?
My Phone Samung J3 is not listed at all. Can anyone advise how the J3 meets compatibility with these 4 categories?

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Welcome to the forum Allan, sorry this post hasn't been responded to yet. The members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch :) 

Bet you can't wait to get your Q2! We'd love to hear your experience of Audi's brand new model :) 

I would suspect that both your phones will be compatible for phone calls but unsure about music connectivity to be honest.



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