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    Hi Azam....welcome to the Forum Glad the Q7 is working out as a family car, nice to know it does the job well Good to have you onboard
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    Had a fault on my 2008 Q7 where the car cranks over for 2-3 seconds then stops cranking. Starter turns over fast when it does crank. Leave the car for 20 mins and it will crank and fire up no problem. Seems to happen when the car was warm but I can’t say it never did it when cold as I can’t remember if it did. Vcds shows no fault and when it’s running it doesn’t miss a beat. Very intermittent and very very very 🤬ing annoying............................... Replacing the crank shaft sensor seems to have cured it. Hope this helps anybody with a similar problem. 👍🏻
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    It's amazing that Audi have allowed this situation to continue without taking any decisive action as regards a recall, etc. I am definitely going to be rejecting my car as it is getting worse and I keep being told to wait for the update. I have exactly the same symptoms as others are having and it is not acceptable.

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