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Found 11 results

  1. I had a slight panic moment this morning as I thought about the new E10 unleaded. I have a 55 reg A3 8P with 1.6 FSI and the gov website stated that the 2004 1.6 FSI was not compatible with the new fuels. Always best to check with Audi though. Mines fine as it’s got the 2006 engine after they checked the reg. https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol
  2. Hi, Does anybody know how I can change the small display (as circled in the attached image) to show me how many miles remaining in my tank. I have tried to press the right stalk but that only resets the trip counter. I have also tried to hold the right stalk and it also resets the trip counter. I have tried pulling the right stalk and that does nothing. At the moment the display is showing me the speed, however I don't know how I got it to show this as previous it was showing ">ne<". Regardless, all I want to know is how to change this display to show me the fuel range. I am driving a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI S Line. It comes with the multi function steering wheel and also the Audi Navigation Plus head unit. Not sure whether I use either of those to change it but if you guys could please help.
  3. Hi there. We have a A6 1.9 diesel 2003. The fuel consumption went really bad and the temperature gauge stopped working. I was told that the ECU would be over fueling the engine as it will think the engine is cold. I have replaced the temperature sender and the thermostat. The fuel gauge is now working but the fuel consumption is not where it should be. Do i need to re set anything for the ECU to function properly? Any help would be great. Thanks. Ian
  4. HI ALL So I'm back with the same dilemma! I've been looking into getting the race chip module for my Audi 2.7TDI for fuel economy as this car drinks with 2 straws! Its killing me on fuel to the point I want to sell the car!! Is it worth putting in a racechip to help the fuel economy as I dont want to remap the whole car and dont want to sell it either as it's my pride and joy!! But if the car has to go I've got no choice so anyone interested lol! Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated!
  5. Hi Guys, I recently bought my 2003 1.6 FSI A3 and am having a problem with the fuel. When I start from cold and drive off it pulls lovely and seems faultless. Then 15 minutes into the drive once the engine has reached normal temperature I suddenly have no power at all. I'm dropping down gears, 5th has no pull whatsoever and 2nd, 3rd, 4th are all terrible. The engine still revs as normal however the car just doesn't go anywhere. I read the code P0191 from it which is linked to fuel pressure so my guess is that the high pressure pump isnt getting the fuel from the low pressure pump? Has anyone else had this before or know any tips?? Much appreciated, Callum.
  6. Hi all, New to the forum so go easy! As as the title says, currently struggling with majorly bad fuel consumption on my 2.0TFSI. Owned the car for over a year, absolutely love it and is normally a pleasure to drive. Due to common tfsi engine issues the car has been serviced roughly every 5000 miles, with fuel, plugs and filters changed last time I serviced her. Cambelt had been done by previous owner. Throughout the year fuel consumption has been moderate, obviously depending on driving style with a mixture of normal roads and motorway driving. When brimmed I’ve been returning on average 290/350 miles and anything from 18mpg to 40mpg if I’m really cautious with my right foot. However for the past month or so, I’ve been struggling to even get 200 miles when brimmed, the lowest was 150 miles. Half a tank is now roughly 70/80 miles via dash, and having reset the trip it is roughly there or there abouts. MPG via dash is anywhere between 25/30 normal motorway driving so wouldn’t expect half a tank to be 70/80 miles personally? Now there is a few possible factors that I know may cause this. Due to the rubber grommets failing on the engine cover, I’ve ditched it completely and converted to an oversized ramair kit. When I fitted it I knew fuel consumption would obviously increase, but not 150 miles to a tank bad and the increase in fuel consumption was becoming apparent even before the induction kit was fitted. Engine light used to come on every now and then due to the common EVAP faults to which I replaced the canister, pipes and valves which cured the engine light issue but still suffering from bad fuel consumption. Recently she does seem ever so slightly hesitatant when initially putting your foot down in 2nd but really is minimal so I’ve not been too worried about that. Other than the induction kit, the car is standard with no remap. The car has been scanned with Odis with no faults present. Realistically I’m expecting reply’s to say it’s obviously a consequence of the induction kit to which I’d probably agree, but it seems a little excessive. Basically I’m just wondering if this could be a consequence of a failure of a different part such as the PCV Valve or something along those lines? Would a remap potentially increase fuel consumption? Could the timing on the fuel pump be out slightly when the belt was replaced? However if this was the case I would have expected this from the start. Any advise/suggestions would be appreciated. To be honest, it’s really not the be all and end all, more curious than anything. One good thing is I know where all the local petrol stations are, and they know me by first name terms! Craig
  7. Hi guys,I have an A5 2.0TDI Quattro 190PS Black Edition Plus, November 2015. I bought it second hand from Audi with 8000 miles on the clock in January 2017. It is killing me on fuel!! I am getting around 200-240 miles per tank (60 litre tank) and no I do not floor it constantly. At it’s first service which was around 3 weeks ago I told Audi about my fuel efficiency. They did a diagnostics check and checked for any leaks and said it was all fine! They put it down to cold weather (even though the mpg has been awful for the whole year!), my driving and stop start traffic driving conditions. I got a remap put on the car last week in an attempt to help the fuel efficiency but it’s literally the same and hasn’t helped.This is not right, has anyone experienced anything like this? If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful! Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi New to this forum, thought id see if anyone else has experienced this. I must also point out a friend of mine with the same car has just complained to the dealer after 20,000 miles for the same issues. This is the letter written to the dealership below. Hope you are well, car is lovely and great for the long journeys…….. but I have been concerned about the MPG and having spoken to other Audi drivers there does seem to be a huge difference between whet is stated by Audi and what the car can get anywhere near delivering. When I looked at the specs before going ahead this is what Audi specified. EC Urban 47mpg EC Extra Urban 59mpg EC Combined 53.3mpg I have done different driving styles over long distances using Eco/comfort and Auto modes and it would be a pleasure on a 200Mile drive to get anywhere near URBAN in Eco mode but in eco mode driving like an absolute saint you can scrape 40MPG I was expecting this to be Urban and to on the longer journeys to be getting 50+ especially when driving in such a way. A simple calculation on 20,000 per year filling up at supermarkets doesn’t fill me full of glee especially when I was expecting the engine to perform better. 20,000 miles per year £1.14 per Litre achieving the current combined 38MPG = 526.31 Gallons x 4.54609 = 2392.65Litres Annual Fuel Cost £2727.62 20,000 miles per year £1.14 per Litre achieving the Audi quoted combined 53.3MPG = 375.23 Gallons x 4.54609 = 1705.84 Litres Annual Fuel Cost £1944.66 The difference could be £782.96 per year and over the three years £2348.89 I have not quoted the top efficiency ratings for the MPG and this seems horrendous. When driving the A5 this was getting very near without switching myself into saintly driving mode! I have consulted with other A6 drivers of the same engine and they inform me this model does seem to have issues with the MPG capabilities (even when run in), I am concerned the information stated by AUDI is misleading and at my cost! Additional notes; I have kept a log whilst trying trying different car settings, fuels, driving styles (from saintly to enjoying the car!) and the variation is negligible. I have noted from reading the forum that the fan going off when stopping the car for a while and high idling revs is also a thing, can anyone enlighten me about this. History...... last 3 cars 5 series's 520d - 530dM-Sport - 530d M-Sport 2nd model when driven saintly was around 500+ to a tank driven Urban 430, the last model was 500+ urban and 6-700 with distance and everyday use. On a recent journey - Shrewsbury - N. London - Peterborough - Bourne - Shrewsbury 38MPG! in the A6
  9. Hi my fuel gauge and temperature gauges work when they want to can watch my fuel gauge go down then turn it off and back up also when put fuel in the car doesn't register for about five mins temp gauge seems to climb up then thinks can't be bothered so falls back down again any ideas
  10. Hi. I recently purchased a 2014 A6 Avant 2.0 tdi ultra black edition, which I believe is the latest 190PS engine. I was told the car would do around 60MPG combined, which I understand is never going to be realistic but still I would expect 50MPG when driven carefully on a long run. Now the car is mostly used by my wife to do short 2-3 mile journeys daily, mostly school runs and trips to the supermarket. Now I know this sort of driving is not going to give the best MPG, but I am only getting around 34MPG and in some instances 25-30MPG. I bought the car partly for its MPG, but this is crazy as it costs £80 to fill up and doesn't take long for it to need refilling. The car is driven slowly in ECO mode, but is this correct that I am getting such a low MPG? I hope someone else can shed some light if they have had similar experiences as I am seriously considering selling it for something more fuel efficient for this type of driving. Any thoughts on a alternative car would be much appreciated. thanks Ben
  11. If it starts, it'll start all day long, if it doesn't it fires up for a second or two, dies and then if the battery lasts long enough I have to crank it and crank it, eventually firing on one then two then runs, it's like it starts on the fuel remaining in the high pressure pump /rail then runs out of fuel until eventually more arrives, it's been suggested the lift pump in the tank may have failed but there are no warning lights on, no codes stored and once it starts it runs fine all day, generally it'll start if it's been run in the past 24 hours or so but leave it a couple of days and it's a pig. So far, service including fuel filter, new battery. any suggestions would be appreciated, oh and idle isn't smooth and occasionally I get the dumper truck idle when it's been run and idling for a while. other than driving me insane it's a lovely car, Audi A4 B7 2007 2.0 TDi S-Line Cabriolet
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