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  1. ....so for what it's worth and for anyone else with issues like this, it appears to be cubic telecom that are the culprits. The car went into the dealers again last week, but the evening before I got an email from cubic asking me to try again as they had "made some changes" - the next morning as I was about to drive in to the dealers, sure enough it was all working again. I still let the dealer check it again, but unsurprisingly they could find no fault. Cubic haven't said what they did to make this work, I've asked several times.I suspect someone somewhere had pressed the wrong butt
  2. Ended up with an A5 Sportback S-Line, it has more than enough room for us... Didn't need the room of an estate (although the CLA is quite a bit smaller than the A4 Avant) but neither did I fancy a saloon. This isnt even a compromise, it's the best of all worlds... love it so far!
  3. be interested to hear if you ever got this to work? - my Audi Connect worked for the grand total of one day and then the car stopped talking to the internet. Been into the dealers (due back in again tomorrow) and have a case open with both Audi Digital services and Cubic telecom (I tried a data plan with them to see what else I could get to work)... They all seem to be clueless.
  4. I found a setting under wifi - "allow data connection via wi-fi" which *should* allow you to then access the car locally (for stuff like wireless carplay), but then use your phone's cellular data plan to access the internet and not the car's MMI with the absurd data plan costs. However since I trialled a months plan from cubic my car can now no longer connect to the internet at all, gradually deteriorating until now when even the satellite images for sat nav are gone and no traffic updates (of course, this may be coincidence)
  5. Having the total runaround with Audi dealer, Audi Digital Services and Cubic Telecom. Though't I'd start recording what's going on (or a lack thereof!) In September had a new A5 Sportback with the next gen touch MMI, all worked great - for just over a day! Since then the car has not been able to connect to the internet properly/at all. I've been on the phone/chat/email with Audi Digital Services and Cubic Telecom who have had me jump through all their usual hoops of deleting users/cars/keyholders/soft reset/hard reset... and then take it back to the dealer (who kept it a day only to
  6. Having similar issues - the whole thing has worked well for about a day. I've now lost internet connectivity from/to the car and can neither log in from the car, nor connect to it from the MyAudi app. Audi Digital Services have been woeful... over week now and each time I contact them quoting the same case ID, they take me through the usual hoops of turning off/on/deleting/adding users/car etc. I've come to realise I don't think they have a clue!
  7. Yeah it’s also down to what those options realistically give. I wondered just how often the autonomous driving option would really get used? Sound and comfort seems a more useful option. Also the A5 sportback s Line lease pricing has just dropped a lot. Now this one is in the mix! Drove the CLA the other day and it feels very fast. That’s not massively important to me but it drove well. The awesome dashboard doesn’t have as good a sat nav as the virtual cockpit with google maps (finally a car company has realised google and Apple have the maps thing done)
  8. Like David above I'm new here but not to the car buying process and I've purchased without being present and imported from the US too Totally agree with him. Most VAG cars will last a proper lifetime if they're looked after. Idependent garages can easily better a dealer, but you need to know you can trust them. Seller's vagueness around the last few "missing papers" seem to indicate to me that he's not done anything in the past? If it's not written down and validated it didn't happen. That said you can get unlucky with a component failure thats not critical and may not show up in a t
  9. Hi folks... I was just about to pull the trigger on a car pre-lockdown and now whilst I'm glad I didn't, it does mean that itch has not gone away. Having bought by vaious means over the years and having had quite a few VAG cars in my time, I'm going down the personal lease plan again as that suits my needs pefectly. So I'm looking at an A4 Avant Black edition - the 40 TFSI looks decent, but your opinions I value so please advise/rant away! Petrol ideally and I was originally after a manual, but that restricts to the 35 and it seems most 'premium' cars are going the DSG way these
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