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  1. Rear Brake Rattle Problem

    Thanks for the advice guys, I will have a look at the week end
  2. Gear Change Problems

    My car was driving fine but now its threw some fault codes and sometimes all the prnds come on together and the car feels like its pulling away in a high gear, i have looked on a few forums about this and cant seem to find an answer, if i turn off the ingnition and restart the car then most of the time its ok, any ideas where to start looking first, i forgot to mention this car has been standing for 2 years sunday log.txt
  3. Rear Brake Rattle Problem

    This is getting more confusing as there seems to be 3 different types of rear pads available for my car, is there any way to check what brake make system is used on my car? my car is a 2002 2.8 Quattro with the alloy rear calipers.
  4. Rear Brake Rattle Problem

    Hi, the movement on the pads is front to rear, some models have a spring to prevent the movement, i am starting to think that either the spring has fallen off or the previous owner put the wrong pads in, the reason i say this is because all the pads for my car should look nothing like the pads that are fitted in the calliper ?
  5. Rear Brake Rattle Problem

    I am gradually working through the problems with this 2002 Audi A8 D2 Quattro, and have an annoying problem with the drivers side rear brake pads rattling, I have taken the caliper off to check it and found that the pads have movement of around 8mm, im sure this is causing the problem, I cannot figure out why there is so much movement, I would have thought that there should be some anti rattle springs fitted or some sort of device to prevent the pads from moving, please see the picture of the type of pads fitted to the rear brakes of this car, any help or advice on this please.
  6. Part Identification Please

    I was checking the wiring in the ebox and found an electrical part loose and not fixed, can anyone tell me what it is and the location of where it should be fixed to, it was just in there flapping about
  7. A8 D2 Electrical problems Help Please

    Thanks for your advice Gareth, I will give it a go at the weekend, no I didn't replace the battery it seems ok
  8. I am having a few electrical problems on a 2002 A8 D2 2.8 Quattro that I have just bought, the car had been standing unused in a garage for over 2 years and the battery was flat, so the first problem was that the car was not changing gears correctly, and when pulling away it seems like its pulling away in 2nd or 3rd gear and all the PNRDS are showing on the dashboard at the same time, but sometimes its ok and works fine with just the D showing when put into drive, it then changes gear as it should, it seems to be getting better the more i use the car, the second problem is that there are no dashboard lights showing anywhere on the dash or cluster, I have checked the cluster fuse in the yellow bank of fuses which is a 15 amp fuse and that's ok, is there anywhere I can get an electrical diagram from for this car, and can anyone tell me if there is a comfort module fitted to this car, if so where is it located.
  9. No Dashboard Lights on D2 2.8 Quattro

    i just did a scan with vcds lite, and it did come up with a few fault codes, but i cant see anything related to the dash lights, one thong i did notice is that vcds is not communicating with the central convenience controller, im trying to work my way through these fault codes at the moment, this car has been stood for 2 years with a flat battery, ive cleared all the codes and will check later to see if they come back, i also had a fault code, the cd works ok, but the radio will not tune to any stations Control Module Part Number: 4D0 035 186 G Component and/or Version: concert II GRO D002 Software Coding: 00201 Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 VCID: 263F759BD1FF 1 Fault Found: 01042 - Control Module; Not Coded 35-00 - - Monday, 16 April 2018, 18:33:14. VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.2 Control Module Part Number: 4D0 919 035 AQ Component and/or Version: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS.VDO D39 Software Coding: 00462 Work Shop Code: WSC 02314 VCID: 759D62D75CD9 Additional Info: WAUZZZ4DX2N004932 AUZ7Z0A1917729 1 Fault Found: 00668 - Supply Voltage Terminal 30 53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent
  10. I just bought this car and i am gradually going through a few jobs that need doing, so I have no cluster or dashboard lights on this car, I have checked the fuse and its ok, I have heard issues with some cars having flat batteries and when jump starting the dashboard lights don't come on any more, the previous owner did jump start the car, any ideas whats causing this. Its a 2002 D2 2.8 Quattro.
  11. A8 D2 Fuse box location

    At last I found the fuse box, for future reference its located in the driver side pillar, but not under the carpet.
  12. A8 D2 Fuse box location

    No i didn't, they look like some sort of air vents
  13. A8 D2 Fuse box location

    yes it a weird one and i cant find any info about it on the net, so i think i will have to call Audi and ask them, nothing on ends of dashboard by the way
  14. A8 D2 Fuse box location

    HI, thanks for that Steve, all that I can find there are relays, and a long flat black plastic tube that looks like it feeds the heating to the rear of the car, I cant see any plastic cover anywhere or the fuse box in this location ? John
  15. A8 D2 Fuse box location

    can anyone tell me where the fuse box is located on a 2002 A8 2.8 Quattro, most of the other Audis ive owned have been at the right side of the dashboard end, its a right hand drive car Thanks