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  1. i agreee lads,i was told a few weeks ago by a honda exec that they are more or less finished with electric cars and are putting all their efforts now into hydrogen models and in a couple of years hydro will be the way they will all be heading.
  2. i think steve is right,and from my experience the motor may need replacing
  3. a quick update on my wet floor,the water is getting in through the rear lights ive discovered.i know this is a common fault with coupes,my son sprayed rain water on the back window and down towards the lights and it was flowing in fairly quick.so ill get sealant tomorrow and hopefully that will sort it.
  4. id say youve the correct belt but your not putting it correctly around all pulleys,check a diagram to see the way the belt runs
  5. ive no sunroof so that rules that out!
  6. hi gareth,yes i think ive ruled out the matrix as its not using any coolant and the water i squeezed out seems very clear so id say your right and its rain water,its very frustrating and i do think i parked it with the drivers side exposed, ah well im off for the weekend so more investigatingfor me! thanks for your reply.
  7. hi austin,welcome to the from a fellow county limerick man!greg.
  8. hi guys,ive had my coupe parked outside for a couple of days and theres a serious amount of water after lodging in the drivers side rear,i think its my door rubbers but i saved up some rain water and poured it over the doors and they seem fine,also the boot is dry and i stripped and checked the front panel below wipers and its clear too.there seems an awful lot of water as we didnt get much rain in the time it was out.im thinking could it be the heater matrix?and is there any easy way to check[i know its a pig of a job to do] any suggestions on how to fix this would be very welcome.greg. .
  9. welcome to the forum,nice car,i like the wheels
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