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  1. Evening This may sound silly, but when starting do I long press key fob in or just press it in? Its the only thing im not sure about, don’t want to cause any issues Plus, this may be a long shot, but I’ve got a little knocking noise towards the back of the car, now I’m not to fused about it ss it’s got a 12 month warranty, but it’s bugging me every time I hear it, and when I go back to the garage I won’t to seem to know what I’m talking about lol Anyone has any issues with a slight knocking noise towards the back of their car? Passed it’s MOT with no advisory’s and it’s a garage I trust, surprised they didn’t pick up on it
  2. So no symbol on dashboard will show up?
  3. So was it doing a regen thing? I don’t need to take it on a long drive tomorrow to help? Cheers for your help
  4. Drove home from work today, it’s about a 15 min journey, pulled up and turned car off and heard the fans kick in, stayed on for a full 5 mins then went off But it’s been clod last few days here and was surprised to hear them come on, would of thought I’d only hear them in warm weather Is this the norm?
  5. Checked again tonight and the spare is working fine, must of been me
  6. The other day in mine I tried using the spare key, wouldn’t open car, but first one is fine Will the spare key only work if the other key is out of range?
  7. Regards starting this awesome car… On car mornings like today, should I do something different, today I pressed in the key and kept it pressed in for a few seconds then it started With other diesels I’ve drove you wait to see the glow plugs go out, but I know that’s old school now, so was that short delay the glow plugs warming up?
  8. Cheers lads So this stuff, is it just a simple case of putting it into your tank then filling up with deisel ?
  9. Cheers for your help lads, picked it up today and really happy with it so far
  10. Finally got it today 😀 So happy with it, and the garage really went out of their way to please me They replaced the cam belt and pump, even boxed up the old ones and left them in boot to show me Gave me a free 12 month warranty as I’m local to them and we get our work vans done there too First time in an auto, but I’d never go back to manual now, just a shame diesel is so expensive at the min, but it’s worth it with this car
  11. Got my new A4, love it I’ve been used to petrol cars until now, thought I’d treat myself now I can to this Audi, but my first diesel and you hear so many story’s about blocked filters Is there a way to keep them clean, I understand it may just be a case of making sure the car gets a good run once a week, is this the case?
  12. Cheers chaps Spoke to the today and they are going to do it if I pay half towards costs I don’t mind, at least it gets it done and saved worrying about it
  13. Cheers Need to know one thing though, when is the right time to replace the cam belts on them?
  14. Hello everyone Looks like I’m getting a A4, TDI 2.0 Diesel Cars a beast, but took me 5 mins to learn how to start it 😆, there’s that much stuff on them Hoping for many years motoring with it
  15. Hello everyone…. Been to look at a A4 today on a 14 plate in white, lovely looking car Done 63,000 miles, full service History But having never owned one before after a bit of help and advice on what to look out for, any trouble spots Garage where I’m getting it from does offer a 6 month warranty which I’m pleased to hear and it’s local to me One thing I’m trying to find out, is when to replace the cam belt on these
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