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  1. Josh.RS

    Auto box

    My advice would be to get a quattro auto (Tiptronic), they are sealed for life and have no need to be serviced, plus they are less prone to problems. The front wheel drive options came with a multitronic box which was much more prone to issues. The service for the multitronic box should be a gearbox oil change every 40,000 miles. Hope this helps.
  2. Get it checked properly, the fuel senders are under the rear bench seat, they are built into the in-tank pump unit. If you have a front wheel drive A6 it will be on the drivers side, if it's a quattro, there will be a pump unit on each side.
  3. Had a quick look into this issue for you. Seems you have drive position sensor faults (8052 and 8053). If I remember rightly this is a known issue and Audi have a TPI (Technical Product Info) bulletin out for this. This includes replacement of the above mentioned sensor which unfortunately doesn't come as a separate part, so would req a new sensor module on the mechatronics unit to fix the issue (normally a 'printed circuit' section of the mechatronics). Hope this helps
  4. Congrats on the new car Jon, good choice! A remap is certainly possible as the type of ecu's don't change much between models. A quick search shows you'd be able to get the A1 on a stage 1 map to around 142 bhp. Hope this helps
  5. I'm after a proper induction kit for the 3.0 TDI quattro, either a full kit by a performance manufacturer or if someone has done a homemade job with some silicone pipe, filter and jubilee clips etc, I'd love to hear from you and how you did it. Or if you found that one for the 3.0, 3.2 or 4.2 petrols worked just as well. A search online has revealed nothing for me sadly, no support for the diesels, only some petrols. I know diesels don't rely on air as much as the petrols, maybe this is why I'm struggling to find one that fits. If nothing comes of this and no one can help, I'm tempted to have a go at making one myself and will post some 'how to' pics below. Thanks in advance! Josh
  6. This really needs scanning via vcds or a dealership as a cheap diag tool won't pick up these types of faults. Another solution, if you are a DIY'er would be to get a optical loop wire off ebay and take each fibre optic control unit in the MOST ring out one at a time and see if you're fault goes. Then you can relate the fault to a troublesome control unit. Sadly in the MOST ring system, due to it being a series type network system, once one control unit goes bad it effects the whole system. Hope this helps