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Found 65 results

  1. Hi everyone, Recently my Dad has given me his old Audi A6 C5 which he's owned since the early 2000's. It's a FWD 1896cc diesel which has had zero mechanical issues; the only problem it's had was an electrical issue, caused from leaves building up between the windscreen and the bonnet. It's in good condition and is currently just sat collecting dust in his garage so it's got me wondering whether this could potentially be a nice little project car. I want to turn it into something a bit more exciting so I was wondering whether it would be possible to convert this into a AWD 'Quattro' with (mostly) bolt on parts or would I need to make some significant changes to the body of the car? I would imagine the chassis/frame of this car is the same as it's Quattro variants of the same year so it's just a case of fitting a drivetrain/shaft? Any insight would be really appreciated. Like I said, I'm just exploring the possibility currently. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting a forum topic on Audi Owners Club so hopefully I get this right. Basically I have a bit of a project car idea in mind and I'm looking for some advise. My Dad has driven a Audi A6 C5 since he purchased it second hand in the early 2000's. It's a FWD 1896cc diesel which has had zero mechanical problems; the only thing he has had trouble with is the ECU which got flooded with autumn leaves a few years back. Just over a year and a half ago he decided to retire the A6 when he got himself an Audi A4 2014 reg and has given me the A6. Since then I've been wondering whether I could turn this car into something a bit more exciting so with that in mind, is it possible to convert this FWD Audi C5 into a AWD 'Quattro' with (mostly) bolt on parts? Or would the whole body of the car need to be cut up and altered to get the drivetrain/shaft in? My guess would be the chassis and frame is the same as the Quattro variants sold in 2000 but I don't know, any insight would be appreciated. If possible I plan to swap the engine with something with more power like Audi's 1.8T petrol and other upgrades for some track fun. Look forward to hearing from you in advance. Matt
  3. Hi Hope someone has some ideas and can help me with the below please? Audi A6 avant c7 v6 3L TDI I have noticed a black splatter around the coolant reservoir and top engine cover. Upon further inspection noticed a black mass of more of the same around where exhaust is coming out of the engine. It is totally solid/hard. What is that? Engine runs ok apart from very rare juddering on cold start and some coolant disappearing overtime. (Like 200mil over a month or two) No leaks of any sort noticed This black hard mass looks worrying 😞 No loss of power, no overheating, coolant reservoir nice and clean, oil cap clean, no bad smoke coming out of exhaust- none of the worrying bits if you know what I mean? Any help would be much appreciated. See pictures attached.
  4. Afternoon all I have a 2014 plate A6 Estate and I would appreciate any advice you may be able to give. Last week I had it booked in for a service at a local garage on Friday. 36 hrs prior to the service the catalytic converter light came on, and so I dropped it off early with the garage and asked them to investigate the light after they'd done the service. I got a phone call from said garage, at around 1300hrs on Friday telling me that they'd done the service and that their diagnostic kit had come up with 3 separate fault codes relating to the warning light - namely a glow plug code, a Diesel Particulate Filter code and a cam shaft alignment code (the cam shaft was replaced last Autumn). The garage said that they could do no further diagnostics as their kit wasn't in depth enough, but they put me in touch with a garage with better diagnostic kit. Car has been with the second garage all morning today, and they tell me that they can't find any faults (possibly as the first garage may have deleted the fault codes). No warning lights, no fault codes, zip. Has anyone had circumstances like this before? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. LO PS - Picture of the warning lamp in question.
  5. got ' gearbox malfunction can continue to drive' pop up on my dash, took my car for a diagnostics at audi they couldnt find anything wrong with the car, took it to an independant diagnostics and it came up with 3 codes... sensor for transmission speed 2.... pressure regulator valve clogged/dirty.... clutch activation implausible. spoke to numerous places and they dont seem to know what the problem is. My guess is that theres something wrong on the ECU? if so can i get it repaired or will it be a new ECU? Any help at all please!
  6. Dear Members, I seek advice, guidance with a hope to resolve the issue I have developed with my Audi A6 2.7 Avant (S Line 2010 Special Ed). I have searched on various threads and read a lot about this; however cannot find anything similar to what I am experiencing. Basically in a nut shell... Before I start, the car has always been serviced by Audi regularly, last one was last year April 2018. I am based in South London. DPF light came on and I had been driving the car for at most 2 weeks for short trips about 20 - 25 miles a day; however not long high speeds... just didn't get the time for a long drive. Knowing that I didn't have the time to go for a long drive, I decided to get the higher revs, I shall drive in Sports Mode so this may help a little. I had been driving around during the morning and in the afternoon upon a journey suddenly together with the DPF light, the Glow Plug coil light began to flash; I had never seen this before. Not long after, as I accelerated, suddenly I felt a huge loss of power and got really worried. As I gently pressed the throttle a little, I discovered that there was a bit of power, almost 5% and barely reached speeds of 20MPH unless I built up momentum. Unfortunately due to work and life pressures, I had to drive like this for a day and then spoke to a trusted local garage and gave my car to them. They like to spend their time, investigate, look at options, cleaning the dpf, replacing it etc. However, after connecting a variety of computer systems to the car, the garage was able to determine only a bit of info. When trying to access the channels, they could not and tried other VAG systems and still could not. The conclusion is almost that even if the dpf is cleaned or replaced; if the VAG cannot get through to the correct channels and talk with each other; it is a defeated task. So, is this a software issue, hardware, is there a password, has the dpf been damaged so much so that the channels have been blown?! Do the pressure pipes need changing, does the oxygen sensor need assessing... so many questions and not even sure if they are the right questions. Some info that may help: P2463 Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Accumulation - Upper Limit Exceeded P2002 Particulate Trap Bank 1 Efficiency below threshold: Implausible Signal I think the garage may return the car as they have had it for 3 weeks and have not been able to get past this hurdle. They are honest and have tried their best; if there are any last few things you could suggest which they could try; I can ask them to. Otherwise, what would you suggest please. Your advice and guidance would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi there guys :) Another problem with my lovely shed :) Multitronic gearbox was working fine ish. I drove the car for a while with PRNDS flashing, when it got cold the connection with TCM seemed to fix itself temporarily (and it would drive perfectly fine until I turn the engine off). What happened tonight kind of puzzled me - after I slowed down to let a car go through, while pressing the accelerator the car shook quite wildly actually, and it felt like the gearbox was kicked into neutral. She's done it once before, but all I had to do is literally stop and shift through the gears (to Park then back to Drive) and it went off fine. This time however I managed to roll it to a bus stop, and she just lost all drive. Gearbox is locked when in Park, however Drive, Sport, Reverse and in the manual shift mode it feels like it's in neutral. When I shift it into R it gives me a little nudge (always used to do that when going into R, this time the nudge is weaker though), but she isn't moving at all back or forth. I am going to try and plug it into VAGCOM when I finish work, but in the meantime I have two questions: 1. Has anyone ever had this kind of an issue and what could it be? 2. If i was to buy another multitronic box could I sort of DIY fit it in myself on axle stands? Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, I'm kind of in a dot right now...
  8. Hello Everyone I bought my Audi A6 C7 2012 last month it started making noise from the front suspensions this month I took it back to the dealer they changed lower arm both front but that did stop the noise knowing that it only does it if there is a road bump where the tyres drops or on motorway bump that makes the car raise high that when it does it what do you guys think? is it ARms or bushes or shock absorber please Help
  9. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has purchased the Audi Music Interface, I want to play videos the monitor but tried on SD card and not had any luck in various formats. A few youtube videos have mentioned the Audi Music Interface cable. Has anyone tried? Or know anyone that's got the cable? Thanks Hass
  10. I thinks that updating the mmi will corrupt the mmi and have knock on effects and not allow me ever to drive the car again. and that there is no way of putting the car back because I dont have the orignal firmware disc. is this true?
  11. From the album: A6 C4 1995

    © Jose Antunes

  12. From the album: A6 C4 1995

    © Jose Antunes

  13. From the album: A6 C4 1995

    © Jose Antunes

  14. From the album: A6 C4 1995

    © Jose Antunes

  15. From the album: A6 C4 1995

    © Jose Antunes

  16. got two a6 for sale as just got a ! one is a6 2.5 tdi saloon , same family since new , 8 months mot , new tyres , new battery , needs two small jobs and service . great car , very sad to see go as never broken down in 270k miles... auto , leather (grey) love this car.... £ offers the second is a6.2.5tdi quattro sport estate . auto tip tronic , cream leather , rs wheels . has fuel supply issue but was daily runner till this month when new car arrived. new radiator last year , good tyres , new brakes last year . very reliable till fuel issue. 140k miles and around 4 months mot.....£ offers 07782 392 184 pete
  17. Rio


    Hi, I am a new member. I have been looking endlessly for a gear box for my Audi A6 Sline 2.0 TDI Diesel (Automatic). My VIN code is WAUZZZ4FX7N126957 Can anybody assist please. Thanks Rio
  18. Hi There I am looking to sell my 2007 (57) A6 Le Mans - which has a list of issues that I can list - but is still my daily drive today. Before I write any more though - just wanted to check if its appropriate to sell/advertise on here ? As said - it has issues - so if not appropriate to sell on here, some advice on what to do with it ? Many thanks in advance Mark
  19. V12 Smig

    New Q7

    Hi there, took delivery of my new Q7 a little over one month ago, new 2018 S line, with tech pack and pan roof. I previously had from new a 2014 A6 Avant SE ultra tiptronic. Bought the Q7 on the basis of me previous Audi's reliability, practicality and comfort. Have to say was a tad overwhelmed by the Q7, it size, the gadgets, the looks etc., but now feel right at home. I've done just over 2K and averaged just over 31mpg, the A6, which the wife now has, does mid to late 40's. a bit miffed though that I am having to add "ADD BLUE" already. The A6 did nearly 8'000 miles before it's 1st warning came up?? Is this normal for the Q7 or have Audi saved money by only putting 3'500 miles worth in the tank.... Also wish it had some storage boxes in the back... Will update now and again, hope someone has some comments on the add blue... Cheers V12
  20. Hi, Does anyone know how this guy was able to install the sweeping indicators on these tail lights. These are the same tail lights as my 2013 Audi A6.
  21. Hi, The small panel on the front bumper below the headlight is protruding out, I've not been in an accident or anything so i assume it is due to the cold weather, anyone able to tell me how to push it back in? Thanks in advance.
  22. HI all Been a while hope all Are okay, Spend most of my Admin time on facebook lol So whats everyone's thought on the new Audi A6 then?
  24. My audi has several parts missing / broken on it. These parts are all things like clips, buttons, armrest, etc.. :P where can i buy all the bits i need that where there when the car was made?