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  1. I will do it will be next year probably because it’s so hard to plan with what’s going on. This was my thoughts on a route 😇
  2. Welcome Ian, nice to have you on board, more pics please, what a stunner you have. 🤘😁🤟Can I ask, do you also have a Harley?
  3. Welcome Joe, nice to have you on board, pics please 🤘😁🤟
  4. Totally agree fella, the world is a far better place than it was. The environment is definitely showing signs of improvement, people seem to care a little more and community spirit is significantly stronger. If we don't learn some valuable lessons form this and carry the benefits further then I think our species maybe doomed 🥺we'll see where we all go from here. If you know your history, you'll remember the renaissance period directly followed on from the great plague, I know Covid is no where near those figures but its not over yet lol. Interesting times though eh? What motoring journ
  5. I wanted to post a pic of a Chinese person jumping out from behind a wall shouting 'supplies' but thought I'd probably offend some one pmsl, so for now I['ll go with: orders
  6. Morning gang, I'm considering a road trip to Alcudia on the island of Palma, I know it sounds daft but I have my reasons, which I can explain of you like 🤘😁🤟but its not important to the post at the min. I'll be going from Manchester and hoping to do the trip with no overnight stops, apart from the ferry crossings of course. I'll be allowing 3 clear days for the journey each way. Do you guys have any advise that may make it a better experience, routes, ferries, POI's etc. I don't want to just hit the motorway and go, I want to make a journey out of it! any advise would be awesome,
  7. What an interesting post! It's obvious that smells are important and we all assume that these things are thought about, even checked. `It just catches your attention when you hear there is a team of dedicated employees doing it. But for consistency it's obvious I suppose. I can vouch for the smell issue, I have a small problem with my A8 that I'm going to post about in the correct section of the forums for a bit of advise. All will become clear shortly.
  8. Hi there Steve, yep its been a while since I've had any time at all to myself, so busy the last two years. I set up a media haulage company and have been working really hard at that. I was away from home most of 2019 with it. But since the plague who shall not be named came to visit, the entire industry stopped overnight, so I have had to re-write my business plan completely for the short term. Ive even started delivering shopping to people, which has been fun and rewarding, but not really profitable as using an A8L as a delivery van, although extremely cool, is not really cost effective l
  9. Hi there welcome to the group! The foot waving thing works like a charm on mine, unless I actually am at the supermarket with armfuls of shopping! Then it makes me dance around performing the full river dance scene before it opens 😳. The Audi sound system is a little poor, I believe this is because they offered the car with a standard, Bose (£2200) or B&O (6500) upgrade option. If the original one was any good no one would upgrade 😡 not sure that you can do anything about it though, not cheaply anyway.
  10. Hi there and welcome, when you say ‘virtual cockpit’ do you mean the pop up screen as in the D4 or the touch screen version in the D5? Next question, which may appear weird at first, did you jet wash the car just before you lost the entertainment?
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