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  1. That should have read cog, I now have the cog and have repaired another old odometer (I had one that worked and one that didn't for another vehicle, fixed easy enough without the need for specialist tools just used my old watch repair kit, it's just I am nervous trying to do this one myself as I don't have another in case of problems) So if anyone has a spare clock I am open if the price is right!
  2. Thanks for that Gareth, I wasnt sure about the cable that's why I have been looking for a clock as well. Hopefully one will turn up. The little dog is only £ 4.95 but £ 16.95 p+p ?? Its not much bigger than a thumbnail.
  3. Hi Gareth, I wont drive it because I want to keep the mileage true. I am Also on classic insurance and don't want them thinking I am doing unregistered mileage, that way I'm covered insurance wise etc .The speedo works it's the mileage part that when I reset it ,its stuck on 0000 for local mileage and the total mileage isn't moving either it could be the wheel/cog where the cog on the cable connects( 2 cogs one for speed and one for the mileage clock) I believe according to the DVLA I have the last 1986 100CD on the road in the UK so I want to keep it an honest car.thanks for the tips.Derek
  4. I am trying to get a mileometer /Speedo cable and possibly a Speedo/milage clock , I am on just under 32k on my all original 100CD and want to keep it right , I need the cable asap as I won't drive until it's fitted, the clock would be great as well! I am also trying to get either a driver's side front power window regulator or repair kit ( mine is on the way out) any help or advice would be appreciated thank you Del
  5. Hi Trevor, I have been trying to send the email I received from Stanford house but have been making a hash of it I will ask my friend to do it for me hopefully later today! Thank you for your patience.
  6. Hi, I have not been around much due to illness,but there is a Sunday Classic Car meet on a Sunday at Stanford house in Brighton (Yes it has a bar and restaurant and those displaying early arrivals even get a bacon buggy plus tea coffee if my info is right) I will post any information wanted if anyone is interested! I
  7. I am still hoping to get there,at the moment I am in and out of hospital (Chrones and Diverticular) so I dont know if I will make it but will try my damndest, thanks for the info
  8. 1987 BMW 635csi,chipped chrome pistons barrels skimmed head etcetc,98 Renault cab,
  9. I just joined the forum how do I join the club? also my Audi is only 31 years old with 30671 genuine miles on the clock looks like it just came out the showroom though! I would definitely go to this meet,but prefer to go as a member thanks. Derek
  10. thanks Trevor I have an Auto electrician coming later to sort it out,am also putting a hands free system in instead of the original Blaupunkt thats in there (I will keep it with the car in case I ever sell it on) I think its best to get this one done properly tbh and pics will be done soon as my Grandson gets here! Im a technophobe!
  11. hi I have just purchased my 86 Audi 100CD from 1986 its only had one owner apart from me its a time warp motor really is immaculate inside and out,with only 30.498 miles all 100% genuine recorded ,I also have all the old MOTs to prove! I think I made a great buy with this! ok now the bits I need info on the horn has packed up and drivers side window wont open ? any ideas on how to repair these?