A5 se convertible 2010

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Good morning.

looking to aquire an as convertible in the next couple of weeks.

all the cars I am looking at have around 80,000 miles. The one I like most has 90,000 but half of that was done in the first two years!!!

is there anything that I should look it for. I have asked the garage to confirm when the timing belt was last changed.




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Welcome to the forum Marcus, you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 watch out for the 2.0 petrol versions as some have serious oil consumption issues and it's a common problem. 

Here's a YouTube video which might help: 



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Hi Marcus, I'm also new to the forum but have previously owned a TT and 2 years ago bought a 3.0 tdi convertible, had it re mapped from 240 to 296bhp, it's the steptronic auto, I absolutely love it, and as Steve says be cautious with petrol versions due to the oil usage issues, which Audi have supported well, but it put me off even considering the petrols. I can't praise the 3.0 tdi enough, buy a good one with Audi history and you cant go wrong, buy private if your confident, or take a mechanic with you, and you,ll save a few quid on forecourt prices, good luck

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