Electronic parking brake/hill assist confusion!

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Just bought my first Audi last week, it's an A3 S line with manual gear box.

i am slightly confused with the difference between the electronic parking brake and hill assist function! 

My question is, do i need to press or do anything when stopped on a hill before pulling away?? Ive always had a fear of rolling back during a hill start even when using a normal hand brake, so i am nervous of driving my new car when it comes to any hills! 

I have kept away from any really steep hills while i just get used to driving the car, but can't do this for ever! I have been driving a manual Mini Cooper for the past 13 years and have never driven an Audi or any car with electronic brake before.

Can anyone help a nervous first time Audi owner? Thanks!!

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I had exactly the same question when I got my A3 last month.

The Hill Assist simply holds the vehicle for a few seconds after releasing the footbrake so you get no roll-back.

With the electronic parking brake (unlike a mechanical one) you can simply drive away and when the power reaches the right point, the brake magically releases. It's actually very good! If you do decide to release it manually, you must have your foot on the brake first.

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Thank you for your reply! Pleased to say i am getting to grips with it now 😊

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