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Main Beam issue 2006 Cab - Wrong Headlight unit?

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Hi all, hoping someone might be able to shed some light on my issue.

2006 B7 Cab 3.0 RH Drive with OEM Bi Xeon with adaptive corning.

Passenger side main bean not working, bulb is fine, ballast is fine.  Drivers side main beam works perfect.

Other groups suggest a 'flapper' issue which applies main beam so I have been trying to source a replacement however I have differing part numbers on each light, is it just to show left or right fitment or has the previous owner replaced the unit hoping to fix the main beam issue previously?

The part no's I have are 8E0941029BC for passenger side and 8E0941004AG for drivers side

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Had this same problem a few years ago and it turned out to be a broken wire on the plug for the flapper. There is a 2 pin plug inside the headlight (very small), sitting beside the bulb. I would have a look at that before replacing the headlight as they are very expensive. As for part numbers, a quick web search suggests that one light may have been replaced but I would suggest checking with a parts specialist before ordering a new unit to be sure. I hope this helps.

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