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80 Cabrio electric roof

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I am new to the forum . I have had a 1993  2 ltre cab  with manual roof which has been very reliable for the past five years , and I have just upgraded to a 1.8 final edition . Everything worked when I viewed the car last week , but once I got it home home the central locking seems to work only intermittently (and when it doesn't work, it is impossible to lock the car manually because the door locks will not depress )  , and also the electric roof only opens halfway. The front and rear roof sections both move towards  each other as per normal under hydraulic power  , and then rear cover for the roof unlatches, but then it stops  just after it clears the latches. 

I wonder if members may be able to assist please, particularly 

a) whether the central locking and roof problems may be connected

b) any ideas as to which relay/switch governs the next , apparently failing step of the roof opening procedure

c) any links to a wiring diagram

d) any other bright ideas!

Thanks everyone 


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Hello Lee,

Business or private sale? 

This isn’t really going to help you at all, but in the absence of any other replies to date, as you probably know, these roof systems incorporate often flimsy micro switches - which fail. Sometimes you can actually see a broken switch, but I guess you’ve been there done that bit. 

Pardon my ignorance, but fabric roof or hard top sections? If fabric, there is a one man band company in Swansea ( not too far away) who fit replacement hoods, and I’m pretty sure he is clued up on most things that go wrong with these.

Alternative is the dreaded (unreliable?) plugging it in to the computer.

Kind regards,


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When my electric roof played up I had two problems, the first was that both electrical looms that supply both sides of the electric roof had snapped due to the constant opening and shutting of the roof I am afraid the only people to replace these looms were Audi themselves. The second problem was a broken wire on the back of the hand brake that informs the computer that it is in the on position the roof will not open if it thinks it is off, if I remember it cost £180 to find the problem(labour) and £1.98 to replace the wire, this was a few years ago so the prices will have gone up. I hope this helps.

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