How to get Internet Radio?

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I’ve got an A6 Avant with the built-in SIM for Audi connect. This, however, doesn’t allow me to use Internet Radio (at least I haven’t found out how, if it does).

My latest Virgin Media package has given me a free SIM with unlimited data, so I thought I could put this in the spare SIM socket and use this. I’ve tried for ages, but still haven’t worked out how to get Internet Radio.

Can this be done and, if so, has anyone got, or can anyone point me to, an idiots guide to setting it up please?


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Hey @Wooks63,

Any luck on getting the sim card working? Is the sim card slot just the one next to the SD card slots?

Reason why I ask is, I've now had the latest MMI update installed on the car along with the ECU updates. Prior to the MMI update, when the kids sat in the car, they connected to the car's wi-fi and whatever data they used came off my mobile phone (as I have an unlimited plan) but now after the MMI has been updated, each time any one connects to the cars wi-fi, the first page it loads up is: cubictelecom.com, asking my to log in or buy a data plan. It seems like daylight robbery - 60Gb for £100 and 365 days to use it in. I don't know if the latest update is topping people from using their mobile phone data now and kinda pressuring you to buy from their associate vendor.

If you did get it to work, is it purely just a data plan sim card you got and if you have any recommendations to which network.


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