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Mark Andrew Wilkinson

ULEZ zone in London.

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My car being a Audi Cabriolet 2.6E V6 year 1994 has been shown to be illegal in the London ULEZ zone, this has really upset me as I have looked after this car since 31/01/2005,engine rebuild,repiar of the electric roof, respray on many panels, many repairs spending between £1000 to £3000 a year I really love this car and am at a loss. I work from 2am to 10am at Billingsgate fish market inside the ULEZ zone there is no public transport to get me to work at that time of the morning.  My question is, if I have a gas conversion would this mean my emissions will be low enough so I can use my car in the ULEZ zone?

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Hello Mark, 

Sorry to hear of your plight. 

Simple things first:- 

Is the car deemed to be illegal since it is possibly ‘too old’ to recorded on a system which actually monitors its emissions values? 

Daft question perhaps, but if it’s emission levels at the MOT test are ‘x’ - where x is well within the limits of a much larger scale, then is there room for appeal against its rejection? I really don’t know, but someone must, and it could be well worth making further enquiries before accepting the verdict.

Gas conversion? Perhaps not such a daft question, but if you did go down that route, would the car still be rejected because it’s still a 1994...V6.. ? Possibly it would??

Second point re gas conversions:- very expensive and has to be certified. Would that be cost effective against perhaps buying a scooter or a cheap acceptable banger? 

Perhaps you could keep us informed on how things pan out.

Kind regards,


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