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I ordered ,and paid a deposit for a new A3 sportback in May this year ie 2019 and was told it would be ready around mid July this year. It kept getting delayed and then delayed again. Recently I received a phone call from the dealer telling me that the extras for the car that I ordered are no longer available as the car I would now be getting would be a 2020 new model one which no longer has the options I had ordered. My view is they should never have taken my order back in May as they must have known that there was going to be a change in model and that what I was ordering would not be available.I have asked for my £500 deposit back as I am of the view there has been a material change of circumstances and although no one has as yet refused , they are blanking me off and not returning my calls.Is anyone else in the same position and what has been their experience.

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Hello Lesley,

Sorry to hear of your problem. 

Are you actually saying you would prefer/be happier with the old run out model with the extras you want, rather than the new model which doesn’t have some of the said extras? 

If so, would you consider a possible middle ground by buying a virtually new old model? Surely the dealer would be able to source something along those lines. 

Deposit? Salesmen will take an order for whatever you specify, if it is available as an option at the time of ordering - a secured deal is a deal! Re. getting your deposit back:- as I see it, although deposits are essentially non refundable, in your case, they cannot supply what you ordered, so I believe they are legally obliged to refund your deposit. Citizens Advice should help you in this respect, but I would suggest simply visiting them and not leaving without a cheque or proof of a bank transfer. 

Could I ask Lesley, what do you now intend to do now that you know you can’t purchase a new example of the old model with the car with the coolant extras you want? 

Not sure if any of this helps.

Kind regards,


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