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central locking programing

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Hi all, I'm not sure what to do. I brought a secong hand A3 last year (2015) . It only had one key (working fine) - so last month I had a auto locksmith to come and supply me with a spare key. He managed to get one but had to recode both keys - using the official Audi database.Both keys started the engine. The problem is the remote central locking doesnt work on both keys. He done a full deep scan of the ECU - but no major errors showed- and done a reset.(and disconected the battery).but still no luck on the remote CL. He reckons its something to do with the ECU not communicating with the keys. Could he be right ?-as the one key worked perfectly before. He said I should go to an Audi dealer to get the ECU checked.This cost £160 for the key. I hope the ECU hasnt a new internal problem? Should I call him back again? Thanks Richard.

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Hello Richard,

The simple fact is that you had one working key and remote before the locksmith worked on the car. I cannot understand why he would have needed to do anything with that remote, but whatever he has done has resulted in it not working any more. With the exception of an highly unlikely coincidence, whatever he did caused the malfunction of your original key, so it becomes his responsibility to at least get your back to where you were. 

In my book, yes, get him back. Of course, current circumstances may result in him not working.

Kind regards, 


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I bought a second hand A3 last year but the owner had only one key at that time. After sometime i got an issue in remote central lock system. So I hired a redan locksmiths to handle this issue. He updated my key with the help of official Audi database. Now it's working efficiently.

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