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Steve Q

Audi TT rear window repair

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First reglue the fabric strip back onto the window and hold it in place to dry with clothes pins. Then glue the fabric to fabric and glass with another application of goop or similar.

First release the top to reduce the tension on the window. Then apply the goop or similar and hold it in place with with a thick clear tape(not duct tape as it will leave a residue) apply the glue on the outside first and it let it dry for 24hrs. Then re-apply the goop or similar on the inside of the rear window. You can stuff furniture pillows or similar in the back to keep pressure on the seams.
The glue dries clear and you can use a razor blade on the outside of the window to clean up the over flow. 

Use gloves
Use a razor blade to remove the old adhesive from the window
Cut some dowels or other scrap wood to hold up the window from the inside, not too much pressure.
Use Acetone on window and top prior to applying 3M 08609 or similar glue. 
Others recommend using 3M adhesive primer before 08609 application
Check the inside of top near the window for any canvas coming loose and apply adhesive during the outside repair
Take the opportunity to apply Raggtopp protectant to the entire top after repair. 

However any glue might not be a viable solution in the long run. Top replacement seems the only permanent fix.

Glue options include: 

3m weatherstrip, 08609, 1300L

Bostik 2402


UV5200 marine glue 


Owners have reported problems using 3M which are:
1. The glue is a light brown-yellow. Every single smudge is very visible on the black top. It really doesn't look good.
2. Application is a nightmare. 
3. The glue does become loose pretty fast. Count on re-applying every month or so.

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