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Replacing Boot Lid 2005 TT

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Afternoon all

I have received a replacement boot lid for my 3.2 Quattro 2005. Looks nice and easy with just four bolts holding it on. I’m struggling with the wiring though. Am I expected to disconnect the wiring for the plate lights and feed it through the boot lid or is there somewhere I can disconnect it where it feeds into offside body?

Any help would be appreciated. Nothin easily found on YouTube!

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I have not done it, but the wire will all terminate within

the tailgate at connectors that will unplug. That is the only way they can wire a car.

Just take the new tailgate and remove the inner liner and trace out the wires to each termination point, should be fairly straightforward.

Wires should be at the 3rd brake light, one on either side of the defroster and one at the radio antennae(top 3 defroster lines). That should be all of the wires in that loom. Should be 3-4 plugs in total possibly 5 if the radio is plugged in on both sides, which I doubt.
As a help, tie string to the ends of each connector so as you pull them out you will be able to pull hte connectors back in from your wiring harness. Make sense? Just will save you lots of cursing and screaming trying to fish the wires through the metal is all. smile.gif
I believe the interior fabric panel is on with clips, don't forget to remove the screw holding the pull handle on as well.
Just cut and splice. You'll have to pop off the center panel an C pillar panel.
Also this link is a workshop guide. But be warned you'll need to cross off some ads etc. Worth a read though as its a step by step guide to the boot: 

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1 hour ago, Nathan1985 said:

Thanks very much, I’m grateful for the detailed response 🙂

You're welcome, glad I could help 🙂

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