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Good afternoon.  Does anyone know anything about the 12yr corrosion warranty?  Purchased an 2011 a5 Cabriolet a few days ago.   Car is perfect.   But we have noticed yesterday there is rust underneath the tailgate where bulbs go for number plate.  We werent told this from the dealer so not sure where we stand legally,  but we want to get it sorted as soon as possible  Any advice welcome




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Hello Michelle,

I would say this is certainly not typical of Audi, although it seems to be reported that some hatchback models suffer from water ingress which affects the rear wiper motor - but not the paintwork? Not applicable to the cabriolet. 

I would begin to question the originality of the paintwork in this area, and certainly discuss this with the seller, since it needs to be ‘sorted’ before it gets worse, although actually permanently curing rust issues is not easy. The selling dealer may maintain that this ‘problem’ was easily apparent on a normal walk around assessment of the car, and as such was acceptable to you, but obviously well worth raising. 

Re Audi and their 12? year rust warranty? I think you will find that the car has to have a faultless full main dealer service history before discussions are even opened, but again no harm in trying. 

Perhaps you could let us know how you get on. 

Kind regards,


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