Turbo noise?

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Hi everyone,

Ive got an Avant quattro with the 2.0TDI 170 PPD engine, when accelerating with only a little throttle I get this strange noise from the turbo, it's almost a mix of a rattle/spooling noise or like the turbine is dragging on the case of the turbo but i'm sure if this was the case I would have a lot of problems, I have no over boost issues etc just this strange noise, when I let off the throttle quickly when going up a hill (so high boost) it does the turbo flutter noise but with the same rumbly sound, which I understand is effectively excess pressure produced by the turbo that isn't needed, is it possible that my car is very slightly over boosting on light acceleration? I have had the intake pipe off and checked for play in the bearings, there is some side to side play but not excessive and a very very tiny bit of end float so I don't think it's the turbine shaking around, could it be the variable vanes sticking? car is on 123k miles

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Boost leak probably on intake manifold. I have this exact issue but only when its hot outside (that suggest its on metal-metal coupling).If intake manifold is bolted on correctly and gasket is ok then I would look into leakage around some rubber intake pipes.

The sound you are describing is in fact a little weird because it sound almost like "dragging" but its just air either under manifold gasket or some pipe.

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