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A3 2015 8V air conditioning issue

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2015 1.4tfsi A3. I noticed this week that the air conditioning is not coming on when I press the AC switch and have now learned that I probably should have been running it all year round which is news to me but lesson learnt! When I press the air conditioning button, the light comes on but as soon as I release it, the light does not stay on. I can also tell that the compressor is not even engaging. If I use start/stop when I press AC the engine does not come on which I know it used to.

I've looked through this forum and seems like this is normally something quite catastrophic like the condensor holed but I there's no damage to that and after taking the car to quikfit this morning, they confirmed the air con gas pressure is normal and the fuse is fine so they think it is an electrical issue somewhere but recommended taking it to Audi. I noticed on other forums that the G65 sensor can cause issues, but can't tell if my A3 has one of these. I guess this would be a good place to start so trying to sort out a VCDS diagnosis locally but does anyone have any other helpful advice on where to go next that would really help!

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Hello Joel,

I would be investing in a pressure sensor first - I think one would have been fitted to yours. This cost of this sensor will be less than the cost of diagnostics - so worth a try in my book. I believe that fitting this is straightforward enough but is likely to require de gassing and re gassing the system. Kwickfit? I think I would be tempted to as around your locality to find a smaller garage who has the necessary equipment, but.... Just noticed your location. 

Now of more interest is the Morris 8 in your profile. Series 2? around 1935/6 but prior to the painted radiator model of 1938. 2 door I guess. Surviving 4 door over here are few and far between. 

Kind regards,



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