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RS4 cabriolet on run flats


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Hi, new to the forum and RS community. 

I have just purchased an 07 RS4 cab’ and for some reason it has run flats on it. I’m not a fan but they are practically new. Am I daft to consider changing them now? Will feel and handling be significantly improved with Pilots or P-0s which would be my choice?

any thoughts welcome. Thanks 

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Hello Gavin,

Many thanks for being in touch.
Run flats can, and do, what they were intended to do - save lives in event of serious damage/ blow-out situations. The trade off, as you are suggesting, is that due to the reinforced sidewalls, the ride comfort is compromised, and has to be be ‘suffered’ at all times. 
Please check my view with your local tyre retailer, but I don’t think you can fit non run flats on run-flat rims. If I’m right, then you don’t have a choice, except via. changing the wheels as well. It seems that fitting run-flats as original equipment has become more of the norm than it was. 
Of course, if you have low profile tyre sizes as well, then you will have a double whammy adverse ride affect. 
Kind regards,


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Thanks Gareth I really appreciate the reply. 
I’m going to call a tyre specialist today as I was under the impression I could swop out easily (but costly) so will see what they think.

thanks again

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