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Rear window heater demist


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Hey people

have an 2004 avant, the issue I have is the rear window heater does not work and as it’s getting to that time of year this good become a bit of a pain

I push the button and the light comes on but then goes straight off, and with no difference to the rear window 

I’ve checked the fuses and can’t see any issues

there seems to be a few lines on the rear window elements that look a bit worse for wear but when it comes to electrical issues I’m lost

am I missing something simple here?


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Hello Michael,

Thanks for being in touch. 
If you have any sections which look worse for wear - as you say, then you should first check the whole element for continuity. 
Unfortunately if electrics are not your thing, (and taking it you might not have a meter which you are familiar with ) then you are going to struggle to fault find this system - irrespective of what additional tips you may gain from here. 
If this were mine, I would be investing in an hour’s time with a trusted auto electrician. He will easily diagnose the cause, and inform you of the anticipated work. 
One place I can point you to looking at, would be the flexible harness which links from the body to that tailgate. It would be worth carefully pulling back the rubber covering and checking for any broken cables in this section. Very prone to breaking due to flexing as the boot is opened and closed.

Kind regards,


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