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Bulgaria road trip

Steve Q

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OK... Just working out the costs involved for a road trip to Bulgaria: LeShuttle from Folkstone/Dover to Calais approx £150 (each way). Then drive through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and finally arrive in Varna/Bulgaria! This is just under 1,700 miles, my camper does approx. 25mpg so estimated to use about 68 -70 gallons of diesel (4 or 5 tanks). Average £5.60 per gallon (highest UK price, some countries a lot cheaper!) so I'm looking about £380 - £400 worst fuel bill each way. Vignettes are about £60 for various countries. So the total return trip should be less than £1,200? (£600'ish each way).

We're in no hurry BTW, and plan to camp in Germany, Austria & Hungary on the way! Should take about 4 days to get to Varna Bulgaria! 😁👍

Anyone done this trip?


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One thing I didn't expect while I was visiting Bulgaria was how friendly everyone would be. People were always smiling and eager to say hello and ask questions about life back home. I felt like I was home and it was really nice. :)

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