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UPDATED - Anyone clued up on OBDELEVEN Pro?

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Does anyone know how to force the cooling fans using OBDELEVEN Pro? I'm fairly sure mine are not working.

I've been going into Basic Settings, Channel 130, then pressing and holding the green tick. The status then changes from 'off' to 'on'. Is this where the cooling fans should burst in to life, or have I gone about this all wrong?

I've tried the output test on channel 130 too, but this unavailable and I'm not even sure if it relates to channel 130 from the basic settings. Adaptation on channel 130 is also unavailable.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Finally managed to force the cooling fans. Went in to the 'Engine 01' module and 'Output Test' then chose 'Sequential'. Went through about half a dozen other tests for things like the fuel pump, various actuators and other stuff I don't really want to be toying with, then I came across the cooling fans.

Seems that you can only run the test once before having to come out of the module and going back in again.


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  • Ianswebb changed the title to UPDATED - Anyone clued up on OBDELEVEN Pro?

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