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2021 Q7 Rear left level sensor open/short circuit to B+


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Hi all, im new here.

so i bought a written off 2021 Audi q7 with light rear right quarter panel and axle damage. air suspension was down so i scanned and showed an error with rear right level sensor which i replaced and the error went away. after another can it shows front level sensor faults which i inspected and found both sensor arms snapped which i fixed and lifted the front suspension. i scanned again and it now shoes open/short circuit for the rear left level sensor. i have checked the wiring and i cant see any cut wiring. it dosent make sense how can a wire be cut or short itself. i also got a new sensor and replaced it and it still shows the same error. is there any tips to reccomend ? i use obd eleven for scanning.

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I can't speak for the Q7 but on the old allroads this issue can be caused by leaking airbags. Also  alot of times the wire for the sensor can stretch besides breaking from even normal driving, or the plug will just become unseated, also causing the problem on the allroads. Very good possibility that could be the case. I would check the sensor wiring and plug first being it could be the cheapest fix. Another thing to consider is a faulty module. 

Hope this helps.

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7 hours ago, atiqahmed746 said:

Found the issue. There was a cut wire right at the connector plug. 👍

Glad you got sorted 🙂

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