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Audi A7 3.0 TDI (245bhp) Part Name Required


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Hi Guys,

I am in serious need of help.

There is cable connected to the coolant control valve (I believe) the cable is connected direct to the gearbox but I am unable to know the exact name for this full cable or official Audi part number please see images below.

I wish I could actually give more information on the cable but mine is severely burned.

I have rang Audi Dealers in the UK and they are unable to help of give me the part number....

I wanted to also know is possible to buy the whole OEM cable?

Cable 4.jpg

Cable 3.jpg

Cable 2.jpg

Cable 1.jpg

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Try ‘LLLParts.co.uk’

keep selecting Audi, after 3-4 pages you’ll find a list of Audi models, good luck, there’s a lot on there!




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Audi won’t tell you what bit you need or give advice over the phone in case you act on it a nd get hurt or don’t fix the car properly and it causes a crash! - it’s so they avoid any liability!

if you go in and talk to them it might be different.




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