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S4B5 Nogaro Blue Pearl.....coming soon!

S4 B5 Nogaro Blue Pearl

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Hi everyone.

Is anyone looking to buy a year 2000 S4B5 in Nogaro Blue Pearl?!

If you are. A quick description.

213k miles! Still looks and drives great.

Still on original turbos! And no problems whatsoever...I don't know why the "Turboscaresociety" make such a big deal of it.

Car totally standard even down to paper air filter (never been fitted with oiled aftermarket types) Only non standard items are genuine M3 subtle lip spoiler in body colour and concert II head unit (utilising boot 6 cd changer input for bluetooth phone interface).

Oil religously replaced with filter every 10k from 51k (1 previous owner) 0/40 Mobil 1.

Just want to see if there is any likely interest. Car off road atm. I will replace all brake discs/pads, flush and replace water/antifreeze and Oil/filter. Still has many miles left before cambelts and pullys etc. Lots more info to follow.


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Additional info added.
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