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3.0tdi engine cutting out


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Hi, i recently got my 2006 a4 convertible 3.0tdi, it had a few issues that i knew about which i have worked my way through, (roof motor, various broken wires in boot and missing trim etc) but the problem i was not aware of is the engine cutting out. not all the time, 95% the time its fine, starts first time every time and runs great but just sometimes when you give it a good bit of throttle it just cuts out, no cough, no stutter just dies. it starts straight back up fine then runs ok for days again. when it happens there is no warning, no engine management lights, nothing, i assumed there would be error codes to point me towards what is causing it but no codes to read at all so im confused and out of ideas. first i though turbo over boost, then fuel pressure or maybe even blocked fuel filter (changed that anyway recently) but id expect all those would create an error code. has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas please?

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44 minutes ago, Steve Q said:

Could it be the MAF sensor? Or an imobilser fault? 

could be but if it were immobiliser id expect that to be more 'random' rather than just under heavy acceleration ? possibly MAF but wouldn't that normally give a fault code ?

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1 hour ago, Steve Q said:

Good point and yes MAF would normally through a fault. Could it be an issue with.the fuel pump is it's getting starved of fuel? Gunged up? 


could be but again id expect that to give a low fuel pleasure fault code but thanks for the suggestions


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2 hours ago, Con92 said:

Did you ever solve this problem? 

no, i changed the HP fuel pump, the tank sender pump, fuel filter, had the injectors pressure tested  nothing solved the problem, in the end i put it down to the car having a dodgy re-map from before i owned it. then a hit / run driver in a stolen car solved the issue for good lol. 

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