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Q5 headlight adjustment for European driving.


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9 hours ago, Johnaudi said:

Hi. I have a 2019 Q5 Sport. Do the headlights change automatically when in Europe or can they be changed on any of the settings.



I think there might be settings in the mmi or a switch on the back of the headlights to adjust for European driving. 

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What was the final advice on this? My 2020 Q5 has no option to change beam settings in MMI, and there appears to be no manual switch on the back of the headlights. The owners manual gives no information.

Other forums suggest

a) The satnav knows where you are and automatically adjusts the beam, or

b)The lights give a very flat beam which means no adjustment is necessary

Any thoughts?



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Thanks Jason- trying to get hold of Audi Technical as I type - that's a challenge in itself!


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Eventually used the MyAudi website and set up a chat. 5 mins later had confirmation that I had adaptive headlights and they would automatically adjust to driving in Europe.

Thanks again

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