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Clutch pedal dropped


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I love my Audi a3 it’s a 2012 2.0 Tdi sport .. the clutch pedal is on the floor when I first get in and I have to pump it to get it to come up … I’ve contacted garage and they say master cylinder … they also say £900 to repair … can anyone tell me if this sounds right as I know you have to take engine out to replace clutch, but don’t understand why so much to do cylinder 

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Hello Jody, 

I take it it’s your local garage who want £900 to replace the master cylinder -? 
I could be way out on this, but this symptom is often associated with the slave/release bearing assembly. 
I would think a second opinion would be worthwhile before committing to any repair.

Kind regards,


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22 minutes ago, Jody212 said:

Thank you for your reply Gareth. 

Hi if you can pump the pedal up its the master cylinder around £160 from Audi, where the rest of the money comes from I can't imagine its only a three hour job, if I was you I would definitely get a few other quotes based on what is the fault, I do hate this when the garages get inventive with pricing.


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