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A6 Avant 40TDI or 40TSI

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I’m looking at a 2022 A6 Avant to replace a diesel SUV I have now that’s not ULEZ compliant. I’ll be doing 13-14k miles a year 

I’m swaying towards the diesel for the cost saving in fuel now that diesel is pretty much the same price per litre as unleaded

But with diesel and me going into the ULEZ is there a risk even a EURO6 diesel will be charged soon 

What are people’s thoughts? Will the 40TSI cost a lot more in fuel over 14k miles?

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It definitely depends on the miles you do. If you're regularly going into ulez areas then I'd avoid diesel as that's what the tyrannical government want to do away with first. 

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On 6/9/2023 at 8:16 PM, simonb82 said:

Yes I would like to avoid the diesel but what is the likely economy difference between the petrol and diesel?

I would work on 10-15mpg extra from the diesel. Personally mileage wise, anything under 20k / year wouldn’t be worth it for me personally.

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If you live in a large town/city petrol.

if you live in the rural country and commute into town/city, diesel.

Contrary to beliefs. Buying the TDI 40 between now and 2025 you will find that when Audi no longer make those versions the used market for these will sky rocket due to demand for later model versions before they are formally discontinued!

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