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Peter Maguire

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Hi All, 

I run the sales team at Audi Southend (Rayleigh) There is an Audi heritage event starting next week to celebrate 40 years of Audi innovation and performance stemming from Audi Sport GmbH (formerly known as quattro GmbH) which was founded in October 1963. Were hoping to showcase some classics in the showroom, is there anyone on the forum that would like to help and have their car showcased? 

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post, new to the forum! 

Best Regards



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Hi Gareth, 

Thanks for coming back to me, Ideally I'd like to put a couple in the showroom but have room for more. In regards to models, I'm not too particular about it, just something reasonably heritage that's in great shape. Would love to showcase Audi history past and present. 




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