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Cam chain timing is off Phase position cam bank 1 -13KW

Andy A

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The car was given to me by my Son with a load knocking noise from the rear of the engine.

I replaced the chain and tensioner only to find that when the engine was turned by hand the intake cam would play catch-up with a slap noise. I replaced the cam adjuster on the exhaust cam with a third party one and this problem was solved. So I thought.

I purchased an Obdeleven scan tool and got following.

block 91 and 93 are below.
Engine up to temp.

Block 91
Engine speed 720rpm
camshaft adjustment intake bank 1 5.9%
camshaft adjustment intake b1 (specified) 28.00KW
camshaft adjustment intake b1 (actual) 27.00kw to 27.50KW

Block 93
Engine speed 720rpm
Engine load 15.5%
Phase position bank 1 intake -13.00KW (It is -15.00KW when cold).
Engine sounds ok. Reading is way off.

I have dissembled and doubled checked all my marks on the chain, the cam adjuster and the intake cam sprocket. Everything is dead on correct.

I will attach a pic of the cam lobs. Do they look about right?





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