Newbie A6 Allroad Owner

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Hi All,

I have owned several cars over the years with Saab being the most frequent and what I judged everything else against.

But then my dad offered me his 2009 A6 (C6) Allroad 3.0 TDI at the price he was offered as a trade in (he has changed to a Hyundai Santa Fe!), he knew I was selling my Saab Aero and to be honest knowing the car it was a no brainer!!

So I have had it for a few weeks now and I have to say I am converted and really love the car, it is comfortable, smooth and gentle with the ability to switch to a  power house if needed.

It had a couple of issues, the first being it was leaking oil, but I traced that to the sump plug which when it had its service a week before i got it hadn't had the sealing washer changed!! So that was fixed and cured the problem. The other two issues I am yet to fix, the first is one of the parking sensors has gone as they worked to start with but have now stopped with the "P" flashing and the other is when you start it comes up with the coolant alarm and beeps, but once warm it goes away and is fine, the coolant level is fine as I keep checking it.

So if anyone is in the Diss/Norfolk area that can scan the car then drop me a line as I don't like main dealers from previous experience but Audi might be different?:yahoo:

2017-09-12 17.38.02.jpg

2017-09-12 17.38.08.jpg

2017-09-12 17.38.18.jpg

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Hi Garry...welcome to the Forum

Great looking car, it's got all the right bits to make up a first class machine...TDi engine, AWD, load space....

Good to have you onboard

Cheers,   Trevor

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Welcome to the forum Garry :) 

youll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch :) 

theballroad is a great car! :) 



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