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Warn electric brake when parking

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and have searched for this topic with no luck, or have I missed it?.

My main annoyance with the A3 Electronic Handbrake is that the system doesn't warn you if you turn off the ignition without applying the brake!

Is there a way to enable such a warning?

If not, it seems to be a major failing in the software implementation, considering that the system knows everything about the car using multiple sensors. Why then doesn't it provide a warning to an obvious potential problem?

Look forward to any comments or advice.


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Hello David,

Are we talking manual or automatic here? 

Good point, but ever since handbrakes incorporated warning lights, those lights only gave you indication that the handbrake had been applied, so perhaps it's a case of ensuring the warning light is on before switching off. 

Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth,

It's a manual.

The problem is that, for whatever reason, I sometimes forget to check the switch when switching off the ignition, especially when parking on level ground!

This was not something I used to forget when I had manual handbrakes.

I was just thinking that an audible alarm ( 1sec) would be a good idea.



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