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    Got it up and ramps, for me no easier, cant even see to get close. Above impossible to see without taking those stupid hose clips off. So nipped out, new can of elec clean and the hose clip pliers. In the time i drove back and got up on ramps, i though best leave it incase any clip or pipe gives. Then i am stuck. The best i could i aimed copious amounts of elec clean. The gauge actually worked 90% of the time i was out........ So next week it is, not worth being totally stranded. Ordered the sensor as a back up, just in case(as they do order on the day) they cant get one straight away. Bought a febi bilstein OE one for £12. Audi OE 059919501A
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    Hello Mark, Access?? Sometimes/often attacked from below - if you are blessed with/have access to a pit or hoist - but who has normally! Even taking the undershield off on your back on the floor takes some doing, leave alone then getting underneath to get up to components from under. I guess that’s why investing in an hour’s labour at a trusted local garage becomes worthwhile. Having said that Mark, it could well be worth changing the sensor at the same time if resorting to this. If so, I would suggest only using Bosch if not a genuine VAG one. Kind regards, Gareth.
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    Hello Mark, From your description of the symptoms, it sounds more like a connection issue rather than a sensor fault. Generally sensors fail and don’t revive. I would be first be armed with a can of contact cleaner and starting there. Kind regards, Gareth.

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