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  1. I've had my A7 for nearly 4 months now and I'm back on the auto trader looking for another 5 series, other than the quattro I preferred my 5 series in every way.
  2. Looks superb and I love the trim.
  3. Worth speaking to the police and checking there have been no markers put on the number plate, otherwise you may get stopped.
  4. I'm similar, albeit a nicer than some tool (all cars are not the same) and I do look after my tools.
  5. I love black cars, but it was the only colour I unticked on my Autotrader etc. searches, I could never live with one. They look great for 10 minutes then a waft of dust comes along.. it would do my !Removed! in
  6. Thanks, it did, it's now had bird crap all over it (carefully soaked and removed) Not sure but I reckon silver cars attract birds to release their guts, my theory is they think they are flying over water? I had a pan roof previously and that was terrible for attracting bird cack
  7. Right I'll start and apologies if there is a similar thread lurking somewhere... Gave mine a wash and coated the wheels with some Gtechniq C2
  8. If it goes away on pressing the clutch could it be the clutch release bearing?
  9. As above I have a massive cross section of music on the HDD and also on a USB stick, from AC/DC through Fleetwood Mac to Jess Glynne and even some classical stuff like Vivaldi 4 seasons. Life's too short not to listen to all sorts...
  10. Hi Mark, I used OBDeleven to code the car, now the key opens and closes the windows. Details here (I have no affiliation to it)
  11. Glad you have it sorted, this is why I rarely if ever use dealers, I prefer to build a relationship with a specialist and speak eye to eye with the guy holding the spanners. What about the speeding in the 30mph zones?
  12. I'd put money on it being the camber and I'd be looking at decent 4 wheel alignment (Hunter ideally), it doesn't take much for them to wear like that especially if the car geometry has already been altered with the lowering and different wheels it'd be a no brainer. I had a 5 series touring that wore the rears on the inside due to the factory setup camber, but it took around 25k before they were noticeable.
  13. I have a 2015 A7 and had to code them to open on the key.