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  1. Perhaps the insurance company has some kind of promotion or they just really have such insurance conditions. Although this is certainly suspicious and may turn out to be some kind of deception, it is unlikely. My friend bought a car about a year ago and in order not to run into fraudsters, he decided to find out how to properly insure the car and what points to pay attention to. He found detailed information about this at http://bclawreview.org and after that, he told me that many insurance companies offer bad insurance terms and only a few of them can really offer something good. Therefore, I would recommend that you be careful with the insurance company
  2. What about an Alexa-enabled car charger or a smartphone mount? These aren’t so expensive, but needed for a driver. In case he cleans the car by himself, then he definitely needs a car cleaning kit which includes not only chemicals like wash soap, detail spray, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, cream wax, tire shine but also the following accessories wheel cleaning brush, scratch-free microfiber cloths, and a wash mitt.
  3. We have been travelling with my ds when he was like 6 months. By the time he was one, he takes the food in the hotel, just order food with special request like no msg, soy sauce etc for bb and most of the time the hotel will entertain for lunch and dinner. Breakfast my boy will take toast and cereals. We also travel with bb snacks like biscuits and packet juices for him, bought bottled water for him.
  4. Hey man thanks for this article it's quite informative,I didn't think that glidecam is so effective and convenient now I think it would be nice to buy some of them )
  5. I had a similar problem. I gues filling gas will solve your problem. I really got confused than my ac did not blow cold. I have phoned to my friend, which know cars well. He just said me to go to the good air conditioner service and to fill the gas. I went to guys from https://www.socool.sg/. They filled the gas and my aircindioner started to blow cold again.
  6. My friend, I traveled to Portugal, but not by car, but by train, and I really liked it. However, I would like to recommend you to get acquainted with the map of the area, with reviews by people, and with information about the area as you may find it useful. I think you you can read everything on one travel blog . There is a lot of useful and reliable information for travelers. I just like to find out everything about the area where I am going to go, I feel calmer and I advise you to do the same so that there are no collapses . Good luck on the road!
  7. Does it make good coffee? I never used one but one of these wouldn't bother to have in the car. I use to make my coffee at home in the morning and then put it in a termos to have it worm thru all the day.
  8. Let me tell you a little story about the production numbers. The priest from my mother's village saw my 2016 Audi A6 and got me into a conversation about the cars. It turned out that he was an open-minded person, he didn't believe in God only because, as he told me, "God doesn't have all the answers". Then he mentioned about the production numbers and numerology. He told me that a car is manufactured, the code represents the car's destiny. Then he told me about my car's production numbers, I remember only that something bad will happen to the car. My wife couldn't sleep at night if she wasn't checked that. After searching on https://www.sunsigns.org , it turned out that what the priest said it wasn't real. I don't even believe the numbers will somehow out lives.
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