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  1. I have done this, but the problem is we don’t think it was the correct one on there in the first place. Hense why I want to find out what is meant to be on there...
  2. So my car has been of the road now for so long! Nearly a year. All because the transfer box has broke (literally got a hole in it, can’t be fixed) now from what I’ve learnt, they don’t make the transfer box anymore (discontinued). Now this is the second time this has happened, and I’m not sure why! So the first time it happened, I got sent a part, by a Audi specific breakers, they confirmed it was the right one... now I’m thinking, maybe it wasn’t!? And I’ve tried and tried to find out the correct part number for the transfer box that should be in my car, but no luck. Does anyone know? It’s a Audi A3 3.2 v6 8p 2004, someone must use be able to help! Thank you
  3. How much is my car worth? Audi A3 3.2 Quattro, 2004 (3 door, black). good condition, around 102,000 miles. Runs but needs a new transfer box, so not worthy of driving at the moment.
  4. Hey Steve, the last one was fitted probably about 6 months ago now, maybe a bit more?? It was a original Audi part but from a breakers. And now it has broken again. I haven’t got the money to be able to buy new from Audi, they’ve quoted me £2000+. I just can’t find the right part numbers, Audi have given me one that doesn’t seem right, and then the one on the car isn’t made anymore, or something like that? Just don’t know what to do 👎😣
  5. Losing my mind trying to find the correct part number for a transfer box for my car! 👎😣I’ve been in contact with Audi today and they’ve given me the code 0AV409053AE, then looked it up online and it don’t seem to be right? So he said try 0AV409053P, which also seems to be incorrect! And the one on the car at the moment has cracked right through the part number and some missing 👎 it’s a Audi A3 3.2 Quattro 2004, Manuel, 3 door! This is the second time the transfer box has gone on me, what’s causing this!? 👎 Please help!!!
  6. I need help! So my alarm kept going of on my Audi A3 2004... I went out to make sure all the doors, windows, and so on were shut... as I got to the boot, and opened it I see that some how a bit of plastic has come off! After playing around with it and wedging a cloth in there, it finally said it's shut... and alarm hasn't gone of for a good 45min now 😂👍it's been raining really hard, and I wondered if some how the rain has got in there?? There is a bit of trim on the inside of the boot (near where this bit snapped off) that looks slightly bent. I don't even know what the part is called, please look at the picture. Thank you!!
  7. Hello all! My 2nd hand transfer box arrived today, now all I need to do is get it in the car/get it put on the car by someone else lol. Is this a hard job?? And do you think it's going to be expensive? Dreading it! 😫Just want my car back on the road already... cheers!
  8. Transfer box has arrived today! Now just to get someone to put it in for me 😫👍
  9. This is kind of what I was feeling! And I've just had to get a new (2nd hand) transfer box, mine was clonking and loss of power! And started of like yours... then it went 👎Probably not the same thing, but worth a look
  10. Just received my stickers! Thank you! And got a extra one for free! 👍Now just to get transfer box fitted and clean the beast up! 👀
  11. Hello Trevor, thank you for your reply! I have asked a local mechanic this morning, and he said he would recommend sticking to the same one... but I am going to look further into this 👍It's a shame because I've found a s3 transfer box for half the price of the one I need 👎 I'm hoping to get it back on the road soon, as haven't had it that long, I also need to put on my Audi owners stickers that I haven just ordered 😊 Will keep you updated! Thanks again.
  12. Hello there has anyone got a transfer box for sale for a Audi A3 3.2 Quattro 2004?? Does it have to be one from the same model as mine or will any others fit? Thank you!
  13. Hello there, I'm new to this forum! Have had my Audi A3 about 6 months now, would never go back, great cars! I've recently had some trouble though 👎(Just my luck!) the transfer box has broken, there is a hole in it and leaking oil... I've been looking around on eBay etc. For this part, I have found a couple online for around £400-500. I'm not so great with this kind of thing however... lots of questions!! Does it have to be one of the exact same car? is it ok to get a second hand one? Also is this a common problem with the A3? Thank you so much, only been on here a hour and found lots of interesting stuff already! Josh