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  1. For me its just a tool , Audi is nothing special its just a car like any other.
  2. gokiwi64


    What engine code and manual or DSG style gearbox ??, The transfer cases are different between gearbox type's and year model (apparently).
  3. gokiwi64

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    Whats the code its throwing up ?
  4. gokiwi64

    Advice needed bought a used car with issues

    Oil loss, coolant loss - that sounds like a head gasket to me. Do a quick check (if safe to do so) with the engine idling but not hot take the cap off the coolant bottle 1. check for bubbles 2. have a sniff. Also with engine switched off remove oil filler cap and check for white sludge on the cap and around the neck.
  5. gokiwi64

    A3 led headlights

    HID's are not legal in the UK (as a retrofit) unless you have self levelling headlights and headlight washers, and yes I know a few places that will turn a blind eye at testing time but I have also seen far too many installations that are not only wrong but also !Removed! dangerous and a hazard to other motorists. I have 2 sets of HID's and 1 of LED's but have taken them all out and gone back to halogen bulbs , I just drive a bit slower now.
  6. gokiwi64

    New head unit install

    So the bit I'm confused about is in the picture it shows phono style speaker connectors where as most cars use an iso adapter , unless there are speaker connections in what the call the power plug. Who makes the unit ?
  7. gokiwi64

    New head unit install

    So do you have a Bose system ?
  8. gokiwi64

    A3 led headlights

    The H7 is the correct fitment however the mass of the heatsink/driver unit wont allow the dust covers back on and I believe as they are a fitting that doesn't have a clip to secure it they will fall out due to vibration and weight. But the big issue is CANBUS , unless they are CANBUS compatible they may fail to light up and throw bulb out warnings, it maybe able to get CANBUS interfaces but you would need to check legality and comptibility.
  9. gokiwi64


    Your'e looking at gearbox out time I'm afraid. It could be many thinkgs but the next most obvious is going to be clutch pressure plate/thrust bearing, after that its going to be bent or broken selector forks in the gearbox .
  10. gokiwi64

    Crankshaft Position Sensor

    I would say not but jump onto some where like eurocarparts put your reg details in and see what it comes up with. There looks to be quite a range of fitting styles between models and engine types
  11. gokiwi64


    I average around 1200 miles per month and use Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 , as the 3.2 Quattro is a heavy beast I wasn't expecting too much from them but i've been very pleasantly surprised. They are on the sporty side of a tyre choice but do very well in the wet, not too much road noise, braking performance is good and they are excellent in the dry.
  12. You need an adaptor between the after market unit and your bose speakers. Something like this https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/autoleads-pc9-404-audi-a3-a4-a6-a8-tt-wiring-harness-adaptor-iso-lead.html
  13. gokiwi64

    Numberplate bulb help

    Sounds like they are no true canbus , there's not enough resistance to tell the lighting module that there are bulbs installed. You might be better off getting LED modules.
  14. gokiwi64

    Please help me

    Just to throw my 2 pennies worth in (and add to the confusion maybe) I had both camshaft sensor and lambda sensor issue's as well as the lumpy idle, changing the camshaft sensors (2 in my case) did not fix the problem, however changing the lambda sensor cured all 3 issues - I understand that a lambda sensor isnt cheap (please do not get a pattern part go for a known brand) but it might just be worth it. I think I'm right in saying that the 8L and the 8P arn't true canbus but use a derivative called serial canbus so that if one thing fails those behind it will also show as failed. Check your earths very carefully as by now there maybe some corrosion around the earthing points this corrosion will increase not only resistance but heat and this can cause random issues. If you keep losing a plug to oiling the coil pack could be faulty , what sort of coil packs do you have ?
  15. gokiwi64

    Mechatronic Unit fault

    or here http://www.ecutesting.com/catalogue/audi_eculist.html?category=4078&model=475