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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Skip down to TL:DR if you're impatient.... The title of the post sounds a bit grandiose, I grant you, but I am hoping the various Search Engines out there will pick it up and guide people here. I recently updated my MMI MIB2 ("Modular Infotainment Baukasten v2", aka MMI 4G), which is the Infotainment system in my 2017 A6, to version K3663 so that I can have Android Auto (and/or the Apple flavoured 'CarPlay' variant) and also update the SatNav to more modern maps... Coincidentally I also changed my Mobile Phone from an old Sony to a more modern Samsung... I have always absolutely loved the deep, bass-ridden 'Voice' notification 'Ringtone' in the MMI system that - when your Mobile Phone is ringing - announces "You... Have an incoming call..." but all of a sudden, after the software update, it is gone! Dismay! Panic! Grief and mourning! I was gutted. After some searching I found that more modern phones now play out their own Ringtone over the Bluetooth Phone Connection, rather than letting the connected accessory (Ear Buds, Speaker, or in this case - Car) play you its own Ringtone sounds - and if this is the case then the Audi MMI system either hides all the 'Ringtone' settings, or states they are "Not supported by mobile device". But fear not my Audi compatriots - solutions are at hand... TL:DR ------------------------------ If you are happy with your Phone's OWN Ringtone playing out over your car's speakers, but you hear nothing but silence when your phone is ringing, then the chances are that the default volume (Zero!) has not been adjusted since you last paired the current mobile device... Simply arrange for someone to call you on your phone with the car all powered up and paired, then using the Car volume controls (on the centre console or steering wheel) turn up the volume whilst the phone is still ringing until you hear your lovely ringtone reverberating throughout the car. Joy! Problem solved! The setting will be remembered for that phone, regardless as to the settings on the actual phone (if you mute your phone sounds the car will still play out your ringtone when you get a call). ------------------------------ If, like me, you want to hear Audi's Ringtone notification sounds AND you own a Samsung then the following should resolve the issue for you... Pair your phone with the car as normal... Make arrangements to receive a call, as above, and turn up the volume to ensure you hear something - the phone's own Ringtone, probably... Now, on your Samsung phone go to Settings --> Connections --> Bluetooth --> Advanced (using the three dots in the top-right corner of the 'Bluetooth' screen) and look for the setting named "Ringtone Sync" - if it is there then turn that sucker OFF! Next, go back to the 'Bluetooth' screen and switch it off, count to 5, and back on again. You will have to 'Connect' the phone again using the controls on the car and the phone - it will still be paired, just needs to be connected. Finally, on your car's MMI system go to Phone --> Settings --> Volume and you should find that the Ringtone selection and Ringtone Volume settings have reappeared! Simply select the ringtone you desire, and the volume at which you'd like to hear it, and then arrange one final test of being called on your phone to hear your desired choice of Audi Ringtone massage your ears and bring that smile back to your face. ------------------------------ If you don't own a Samsung then I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you... The equivalent of Samsung's "Ringtone Sync" setting is most likely on your phone somewhere - I ask that others who know their non-Samsung phones better to add in the comments below how they turned off that setting for themselves so that we finally have one central repository as to how to fix this annoying situation. (It took me three days of searching, reading, and experimentation to find this myself) ------------------------------ And hey, if you found this useful then maybe you should join the forum here and ask or answer your own questions for each other! This is, after all, the best Audi Owners Forum I've found to date... All the best, Tigger
  2. Hi everyone. My 1997 Audi A8 D2 has never been equipped with a phone. Recently I got an Audi phone and beautifully installed it in my car not being aware that the phone works with the Bluetooth MMI module of cars like 2006 A4,6,8, etc. However, I am still looking for some ways to make it work as a separate GSM phone as it has the SIM slot and logically can work independently. I installed a cradle with a charger. However, the phone when starting it is looking for the Bluetooth base station, fails to find and that is it. Other options of Bluetooth other devices and many telephone options are faded, although the faded options show SIM card and many other usual cellular phone option. Several times it found other Bluetooth devices in my car but could not connect. So, I am left with questions and need your help: 1. How is it possible to make the phone forget the base station on Bluetooth and connect to other devices? Ideal option. 2. If 1 is not possible, how to stop automatic start of Bluetooth search? Mediocre option 3. What additional device from Audi electronics do I need to get the phone work? Costly option.
  3. I have a 2012 A6 Avant S-Line 3.0TDi, lovely car, only 68K miles, I've owned it since 2013. Up to now, the only thing I've ever had to replace was the rear wiper motor. I use hands free quite a lot, and last week, out of the blue, it stopped working. Having established that my phone works OK in wifey's car, I deleted all phone data from the Audi, and started again. But it will not detect my iPhone, nor any other iPhone, nor an Android phone. In the menus, it looks like Bluetooth thinks it's all working. So, what next? Sounds like it's the component that sends/receives the Bluetooth signal that has failed. Any ideas where it is please? Or whether it's feasible to replace it or get it replaced? Afterthought........I suppose it couldn't have its own fuse could it? Everything else appears to work............
  4. Hi All, I am new to the forum, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. Also new to Audi ownership, love the car but one of the first issues I had was finding a phone mount suitable for the car. Especially since I did not like those that obstruct the windscreen! Came across one specially designed for Audi's. Variants are made for the A3, TT and Q2. https://www.audiphoneholder.com/ Purchased this product myself and very happy so wanted to raise awareness to anyone who may be in the market for one. Use discount code: Shaun for 10% off. Shaun
  5. Hi everyone, my first post and I have had a look around and cannot find anyone who can help at all. My Samsung s7 is paired with my car. I was on a call yesterday and the call ended but the person's name is still displayed on my cars information screen. The concert radio system still says I am on the phone. I cannot use the radio or cd and cannot make a call, because it still thinks I'm on a call. I have had the radio out, disconnected it, turned the car on and the name of the person is still displayed near the tachometer. Help please!!! Cheers, Ollie
  6. As a newbie on here, I was hoping that somebody would be able to answer a few of the more simple (hopefully) questions I have about my new car. I recently bought a 2006 Audi A6 2.0 TDI S Line and I am chuffed to bits with it. That being said, I do have a few niggles which I am hope folks on here will be able to answer for me. Firstly, I can see that there is a button on the centre console which says "TEL". I thought this would mean I could easily connect my phone via bluetooth and use hands free whilst driving - this seems to not be the case. I am constantly told that the service is "unavailable" but is does seem that the infrastructure is there, I just can't seem to suss it out. Can someone please tell me what I need to do, or what I need to buy in order to unlock this feature. Next is an aux in port. I cannot seem to find one so assume that this is not a feature on this car - but can it be? Is there a way of taking out the stereo and wiring one in the back - I have searched on this forum but cannot find anything definitive. Finally, the sat nav. I am not particularly techy but I feel I do have a fairly decent grasp on computers etc but I'll be damned if I can figure out how the sat nav works. The sat nav I have is the old style red screen type (I have attached a picture of a similar one I have found online) - I cannot seem to enter full postcodes - can anyone provide a link or user tutorial that might help? Finally, on the subject of the sat nav, I would love a colour screen to replace the dated looking one I currently have. Is this an easy swap? If so, can someone please provide details. I am hoping that you'll all look at this and say "what an idiot, here are the answers" as opposed to "tough luck mate, there's nothing you can do about these". Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I have connected my iPhone to the MMI via blue tooth which works well but how do I transfer my contacts onto the built in hard drive? I want to be able to select the voice command and say call Sarah for example and for the call to connect. At the minute the car simply tells me no numbers are stored. I can receive calls no problem or call out using the actual phone to dial the contact but that's not ideal when driving or when it's in my pocket etc. Thanks in advance, hope this makes sense.
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering whether you could help me. I've recently purchased a 57plate S3 that has bluetooth so i can connect my iphone. I've done this without any issue however the problem that i appear to be having is that whilst using the phone the functions on the sterring wheel appear to be disabled. Whilst i'm listening to the radio/CDs the functions on the wheel are fine so I can change stations and volume levels etc. However the mode and voiceactivitation buttoms appear to be disabled as well. Is there a setting somewhere that dis ables the multi function steering wheel whilst the phone is active? It just seems strange that the volume adjusting button works for the radio/CDs but not when I'm on the phone. Thanks for your comments in advance. Cheers Si
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